Saturday, November 20, 2010

How To Enslave A Nation

Government Asset

Now look at government borrowing. For the most part, the accumulated debt has no productive tangible asset producing a sustainable production. Thus, YOU are the government’s asset. You are the sustainable production that the government is then taxing and competing for credit and undermining through electronic cash printing, in effect enslaving you.

The government doesn’t produce anything. It provides some administration, which we understand now from recent studies that pays / bribes bureaucrats 2x the wage and benefits to combat and undermine the productive comparable wages and benefits for Private Sector work.

Only the individuals in the Private Sector produce anything. The bureaucracy is counter-productive, because it makes the cost of work have a greater burden and to add insult to injury, you have to pay them for the service (injustice). You can see from reading the above, why the clear thinkers of the middle 1700’s realized that to maximize wealth, to provide access to capital to foster opportunity, that taxes should be minimum, government bureaucracy at a minimum, government borrowing nil, and government printing of cash prevented.

The government to the Private Sector is like having an Uncle Sam come to live in your home, who goes out and constantly runs up tabs at the local bars entertaining glad-handlers and putting the tab on you, thereby limiting your credit lines, depleting your savings and accumulation of equity.


  1. Tnx for inviting to read and looking at this site my dear friend from Facebook..I´ll come back more time and read and comment here..!!
    One who agree to this " Blogg "..
    From Sweden..

  2. Good post, and right on the money!

    Another counter-productive move of government is the creation of jobs. I read not too long ago that it costs 6 times as much in taxes (paid by you and me) to sustain a government job as the tax revenue crated by that job's existence.

    To the power elite in Washington, somehow this seems like a good deal. But to a private citizen, such as myself, not so much!

  3. I found a lot of wit on your thoughts and veracity on your statements. Loved it! Keep them comming!

  4. Bob-as usual; you have a lot to say! This message truly hits home. I think if you stay on subject- YOU'LL BE FAMOUS!

    Window Man