Saturday, October 30, 2010

Could It Be Obama’s October Surprise?

We’ve been waiting for it and expecting it, knowing that it would happen.
Obama’s October surprise has landed (pun intended), or so it would seem.

How convenient!  Five days before the November 2nd election, Obama comes up with a so-called “credible” security alert and takes the opportunity to “brief” Americans (on TV of course, with the ubiquitous teleprompter) on how competent he is and how in-control the government is of this terrorist threat from Yemen.  F-15’s were reported to be shadowing an airplane that was coming in from Yemen, over Canadian airspace, before it landed at JFK.  As we all know, Yemen is the hotbed of Al Queda-sponsored terrorist activity, at the hands of an American citizen, Anwar al-Awlaki, who turned traitor, or so we are told.  Does anyone trust what government tells us these days? 
Anwar al- Awlaki

Anwar al-Awlaki was seen having dinner at the Pentagon, before he bolted America to take up residence in Yemen and direct some dastardly attacks on America. (i.e. the Christmas underwear bomber, the Fort Hood shooting and the Times Square Bomber)  Yeah, you bet.  Al-Awlaki must be a bad guy, no doubt.

Now it is possible that the October 29th threat was real and that Obama is doing what he is supposed to be doing as Commander-in-Chief and our intelligence agencies are johnny-on-the-spot with all the current international intrigue and terrorist plots.  We certainly hope so.  But damn the timing is suspect.

Having said all that, let’s take another tack on this potential October surprise.  Many in the world, at the highest level, (government elite, money changers and power brokers) want to see Obama and the Democrats remain in power in America, for a whole host of reasons. Could it be that this whole event was a staged terrorist attempt to challenge American security (with a little help from Great Britain), five days before the American election, knowing full well that we would discover the plot and Obama would be able to go on Television and look all presidential, thereby influencing the election?

Or, could it be that the top echelon in the Obama administration knew all this was happening weeks ago and scrambled our fighter jets on a Yemen passenger airplane this very day (by presidential order), in order to heighten the event to an international news story?  Clever, if it is so.

People in America have grown so cynical about their government, that these kinds of thoughts run through their heads on a daily basis. Secrecy has replaced transparency.  Closed door meetings have replaced open government.  A huge segment of the American people believe in the most outlandish conspiracy theories.  Hmmm!  We wonder why?

Legislation, that is contrary to every element of freedom and liberty under our Constitution, is shoved down America’s throat by this president and the Democrat-controlled Congress, with arrogance and malice aforethought. Trust, honor, integrity, honesty and morality have gone the way of the now extinct Do-do bird. In their place we find corruption, double dealing, waste, fraud and abuse of our money and our government institutions. Everything is for sale to the highest bidder, whether they are international interests, corporations, unions, or special interest groups.
Whether the October 29th threat is real, or is an attempt to influence the election, November 2, 2010 must be a repudiation of everything that Obama and the Democrats stand for. America has few chances of survival as a Republic before it descends into irretrievable socialism and national bankruptcy. November 2nd had better be a substantial start of taking back a country that has gone horribly wrong, under a regime and a party that talks all nice and fuzzy about American values, freedom and liberty and then turns around and spits in America’s eye with every stroke of their traitorous pens.

Long live our Constitutional Republic, under a proud flag of freedom.

Beware of the Voting Dead

      In an attempt to prevent voter fraud — namely, votes being attributed to the deceased — one Virginia tea party activist has launched the tongue in cheek Tea Party Paranormal Society. Mark Lloyd established the site as a way to educate fellow tea partiers on preventing election fraud in Tuesday’s pivotal midterm election.

Instructions listed on the site urge readers to collect lists of the recently deceased and use it to compare against and purge their local voter rolls by notifying party officials or official poll watchers. Lloyd’s site also includes this fun featurette, a remake of the “Night of the Living Dead” dubbed “Night of the Voting Dead.” The video message warns about so-called dead voters, “whose stolen names vote for the living, feeding voraciously on the body politic.”

Friday, October 29, 2010

President Obama and Our 'Core American Values'

Based on the sheer volume of usage, President Obama's teleprompter must love the phrase "our American values." The phrase comes in a close third after "Let me be clear" and "I will call you out on that." Since he uses the phrase so often, we should try to understand what he is saying.

During the 2008 presidential race, the Obama campaign issued a weekly "American Values Report," which featured "Meet Barack" and "Meet Michelle" editions. Mr. Obama's use of the "our values" rhetoric first got my attention when, at a press conference in Turkey in April of 2009, Mr. Obama assured President Gul that the United States was Islam-friendly. Though the U.S. has "a very large Christian population, we do not consider ourselves a Christian nation or a Jewish nation or a Muslim nation; we consider ourselves a nation of citizens who are bound by ideals and a set of values," explained Obama.

Since Obama is not referring to our Judeo-Christian ideals and values, what on earth is he talking about? The undeterred progressive values of hope, change, tolerance, peace, unity, etc. come to mind. Presumably, the "ideals" and "values" of the left somehow have the power to bind together a country of citizens.

According to Obama, those same "American values" also demand Miranda rights for jihad terrorists captured in foreign countries. Civilian court indictments and constitutional trial rights in federal court in the United States for Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, et al. naturally are in accordance with our values.

Our ideals and values also render the enhanced interrogation techniques of the Bush administration "torture." Regardless of potential life-saving information possessed by a captured terrorist, our American values allow for only constitutional protections and police-citizen-type questioning.

Mr. Obama recently reminded us that our American values must allow for the building of a mosque and Islamic center a stone's throw from the former Twin Towers. Obama also invoked our American values to denounce the planned burning of the Quran by an American citizen protesting the proposed 9/11 mosque. Obama decreed that such an expression of protest would be "contrary" to our "American values." No free speech tolerated there.

A pattern is beginning to emerge. Our American values happen to coincide with the ideological worldview of President Obama. When Obama touts "our American values," odds are that he is advancing their very opposites. When our American values call for self-preservation, Obama calls for terrorists' rights. When our American values call for traditional morality, Obama appoints someone like Kevin Jennings as "safe school czar" for children. When our American values call for border enforcement, Obama sees millions of potential Democrat voters. And so on. The ironies of the Obama administration are like a series of never-ending waves crashing upon us.

Most recently, in an effort to get out the Hispanic vote for Democrats in the upcoming midterms, Obama was interviewed by Eddie Sotelo for Univision. The president stated,

"The problem that we have is, is that until I can get some cooperation from the other side, then people who are anti-immigration reform can continue to block it. And that's why this election coming up is so important because we essentially have to say that those who are politicizing the issue, who are supportive of the Arizona law, who talk only about border security but aren't willing to talk about the other aspects of this, who don't support the Dream Act, who are out there engaging in rhetoric that is divisive and damaging that -- those aren't the kinds of folks who represent our core American values".

Mr. Obama is saying that he represents our American values, and as such, he is able to catalog those who do not.

Those who support the securing of our borders prior to passing another one of Obama's "reform" projects -- in this case, legal protection for those having entered our country illegally -- do not represent our "core American values." When Obama throws the word "core" into the phrase, you know he's deep in anti-American water.

Those shockingly judgmental words above came from the same interview in which the representative of our core American values also said this:

And if Latinos sit out the election instead of saying, we're going to punish our enemies and we're going to reward our friends who stand with us on issues that are important to us, if they don't see that kind of upsurge in voting in this election, then I think it's going to be harder and that's why I think it's so important that people focus on voting on November 2.

First, Obama labels those who support border enforcement and oppose his amnesty scheme "divisive and damaging." Next, Obama decides to embody his language by calling his critics his "enemies" (in this case, 64% of the country). The fact that President Obama made such an utterance for the public is jaw-dropping. That's the sort of remark one would expect to have been heard off-mic and leaked to the press. However, since Obama defines our American values, those who oppose him are considered enemies to American ideals and values.

It appears that Chicago brass knuckles politics now represents our core American values. Obama is the same guy who warned about bringing "a gun" to the political fight, having his boot on the neck of a certain enemy, and engaging in "hand-to-hand combat" if the Republicans win a majority in Congress. And most eerily of all, during his own campaign, Obama spoke of needing a civilian national security force that's just as powerful and well-funded as the U.S. military.

So our core American values require us to support whatever "reform" Obama is pushing. Mr. Obama's use of any necessary means (including bullying, dividing via race and class warfare, intimidating, etc.) to achieve his "reforms" also represents our new American values. And of course, whatever Obama is pushing is necessarily one and the same with our core American values. It's all sort of circular.

The sad reality is that a man was somehow elected who is effectively a foreigner to our real American values. Our quintessential American value, liberty, means being free from central control. Of course, that's the very antithesis to the ideology of the man occupying the White House.

The Left's War on the Economy


 Obama may be losing the War on Terror, but his War on the Economy is headed full speed ahead. The joblessness, the unemployment rolls and an economy in which the only people still making money are in the government, in public sector unions or on Wall Street is no accident. It was the intended result all along. 
Our Savior???
What Obama and the Democrats miscalculated is the mobilization of populist opposition and the speed with which the public turned to the Republicans for solutions, instead of treating Obama as the Great Savoir for extending their unemployment benefits.

      In little more than a year, Obama's soothing words lost their magic, his telegenic grin stopped connecting and his antics ceased to interest anyone, but the political opposition. The public proved to be much less interested in the bread of his social services doles or the circuses of his media presence. Obama and the left threw in their final effort, convincing congressional Democrats to stand at the barricades for ObamaCare. But that didn't break the flood, it made it worse. Contrary to the liberal worldview, most Americans didn't want to be on the dole, they wanted a working economy. And the popular wisdom among them today is that Obama is a well-meaning failure. Most Americans will go to the polls and vote based on that popular wisdom. They generally don't hate Obama, yet they don't think that he or his party are up to the job either.

      But Obama didn't fail. Obama succeeded. He succeeded at doing exactly what he was supposed to do. Damage the American economy in order to undermine the country's status as a Great Power and the independence of the average American from his government. The goal of this party and this man was never to oversee an economic recovery. And why would it have been? Obama and his allies on the left believe that a prosperous economy is the root of all evil, and the chief obstacle to the people embracing a government mandate for socialism.

 An economic recovery would have made 90 percent of his legislative priorities irrelevant. It would have made it impossible to take over companies in order to "save" them, run up an impossible national debt in the name of "stimulating" the very economy they were bankrupting, and use the money to promote the left's agenda. The economy made it possible for him to do everything from trying to nationalize health care to shutting down NASA. It became a blank check crisis to be used to perpetuate the crisis in order to bring down the entire country into a more easily manageable state.
The Democrat Party, Drop It Like It's Hot

        The feverish fight over Proposition 23 in California shows how far liberals will go to destroy jobs. The point of Global Warming fever was not to fight an imaginary crisis. It was to control and shrink the economy, smash what was left of America's manufacturing sector, push the lower middle class down into social services cases and make sure they can never get up again. And pass the cash over to Wall Street and a few Dot Com whiz kids who discovered an even bigger scam for making money than going public with companies that have no business plan except to pump up their own stock and then dump it on unsuspecting investors. That in a word is the "Green Economy".
American Economy

      The left has always viewed the American economy as an evil, the sordid engine that turned a country of colonizers and imperialists into a great power. That is why it has gone for labor unions, not because it supported the rights of workers (worker's rights and unions are as incompatible as Al Capone and the Better Business Bureau) but because that gave it a chokehold on the economy.
A chokehold that it was open about using to damage the economy, rather than to help workers. When enough of the manufacturing and industrial sectors were choked off, that unions lost their power-- environmentalism took its place. Like the union, environmentalism was good not only for driving up the price of production, but also for randomly shutting down production out of spite and malice. What the unions didn't destroy, the environmentalists did.

        Companies fled, and liberals celebrated. The lost jobs in cities like New York, Chicago and Detroit created slums where African-Americans who had moved to find work now found themselves stuck. And of course the government and groups which had created the problem, were more than happy to help. The jobs had left, but they were happy to keep them on the dole, as long as they pushed the right lever on election day. Former booming manufacturing cities bred lightless ghettos, with social problems courtesy of the government. And what had once been the heart of a booming American economy, instead became the source of its malaise.
Democrat Goal for all of America

      Global Warming is the final bullet to the head of the economy. It gives the left a blank check to destroy it wholesale, to tax everyone and everything in the name of a fictional crisis that they themselves invented. Environmentalists had previously settled for phony attacks on specific targets such as DDT. But Global Warming is the culmination of their work. A blank check for destroying any and every part of the economy, and funnelling the money to themselves through Cap and Trade. Had they just broken into Fort Knox and cleaned it out, the resulting robbery would look like a pittance compared to the grand economic rape they are working to perpetrate right now.

      But this is not just about money, it's about power. The power to rule over people's lives. For all its faults, America's booming economy allowed for class mobility and individual independence. Economic prosperity meant an expanding middle-class that didn't need to be "saved" by the progressives anymore. Which is why the left is so determined to shut it down, in favor of their alternative, yet another social experiment in which everyone works for government controlled industries for next to nothing, and feels good about contributing to the "Public Good". It worked in the Soviet Union, why not here?

      Money is a form of power, but it only goes so far when there is a generally high standard of living. On the other hand when you push 90 percent of the country into the gutter in the name of the public good, then power and even a little money makes you king. That is the way it is in the Third World and the wonderful Communist People's Republics that the left openly says we should be imitating. And there's a simple reason for that. Deny it as they like, they want to be that 10 percent. And they want us to be in that 90 percent. What's more is that they're already acting that way. The smug Time and Newsweek covers. The liberal pundits once again talking about how stupid and childish the American people are, echoing their own rhetoric from 1994. Obama casually mentioning all those ignorant people clinging to their religion and their guns. They already see themselves as the enlightened elite. Their goal is to turn their perceptions into an enforced reality. For the good of that ignorant public of course.
Squeezing the middle class

      American Liberalism was not the preoccupation of the poor, but of the idle rich. Of people who had never worked for a living, or those who had once worked, but now needed another outlet for their energies. Liberalism has traditionally been the upper classes deciding what to do with the pesky lower classes. They flirted with eugenics and sterilization. They tried re-education and spiritual enlightenment. But what has really troubled them is the gush of the lower classes into the middle class, to create a group that they considered ignorant, vulgar and devoid of higher qualities. Socialism is supposed to fix all that. Squash the lower and middle classes together into one homogenized and wealth-redistributed lower class. And teach them that social immobility and rationing are a sign that spiritual values and moral ethics are triumphing over their sordid materialism.

      George Orwell's vision of 1984 was of socialism used as a means by the political and cultural elites to permanently squash down all the other classes in place, creating permanent social immobility. That is the goal today. While immigration is deliberately calculated to expand the lower classes using populations that they can fix in immobility through social welfare and economic segregation, businesses are driven from the country as fast as possible. Spending increases and the National Debt becomes irredeemable, both because it can never be paid back, and because the spending is tied to entitlements that are not likely to be repossessed by career politicians. Economic crisis feeds a need for government control. Which feeds the elements that cause the crisis. The end result is no economy and government control.

      This phase of the project has hit a bump in the road. The Tea Party movement meant that a populist American response kicked in unexpectedly. That alone would not have stopped it, had it not turned out that most Americans agreed with the basic criticisms. What we're seeing now are tantrums by political and cultural elites who had the brass ring in their grasp and are infuriated that what they consider to be "an anonymous clan of slack-jawed troglodytes" are likely to cost them the election and their death grip on power. Just as in 1994, they are openly airing their contempt for the population of the country that somehow turned out not to be as pliable as they thought. But the upcoming election will not dissuade them. There is too much money and power at stake. And they have dug in too deep to let go now. If they cannot work through elected officials, they will work through the bureaucracy. If they cannot work through either, they will create NGO's and coordinate international efforts. They will form phony citizen's groups and activist organizations. They will brainwash the next generation, enlisting children and teenagers to chant their slogans. They will not give up. They will do absolutely anything to carry on.

      This is not merely about an idea or a set of ideas for them. It is about power. Absolute power over the lives of every man, woman and children in America-- and beyond it the world. That is the hideous energy that we are fighting against. That is where our struggle lies.

Voter Fraud: Illegal Alien Voters Ignored By Obama Justice Department

"The U.S. Census Bureau reports that 28.2 percent of Hispanic voters in the 2008 election were immigrants," according to Steven Camarota of Center for Immigration Studies

In the midst of his whirlwind nationwide campaign to salvage Democrat control of both houses of the U.S. Congress, President Barack Obama appeared at a political event for Latinos -- including, legal and illegal aliens -- and said:

"Well, here's what we're going to do. We're going to see how well we do in this election. And I think a lot of it is going to depend on whether we still have some support, not only from Democrats but some Republicans

But they're going to be paying attention to this election, and if Latinos sit out the election instead of saying, "We're gonna punish our enemies and we're gonna reward our friends who stand with us on issues that are important to us.”

"If they don't see that kind of upsurge in voting in this election, then I think it's gonna be harder. And that's why I think it is so important that people focus on voting on November 2."

It's apparent that President Obama considers Americans, who want to enforce illegal immigration laws in America, to be the enemy. Even more revealing is the fact that with so much riding on the elections next week, Obama decided to take the time to speak to people who shouldn't be voting -- legal and illegal immigrants.

But the dirty little secret is there exists an enormous amount of proof that illegal aliens are being registered to vote and they're being registered as Democrats. And our political leaders know it.

"The U.S. Census Bureau reports that 28.2 percent of Hispanic voters in the 2008 election were immigrants," according to Steven Camarota of Center for Immigration Studies

Whistleblower J. Christian Adams, who is testified before a Commission of Civil Rights committee regarding voter intimidation by the New Black Panthers, dropped a bomb on his former employers at the Department of Justice.

According to Adams, a Deputy Attorney General refused to investigate allegations of illegal voting during the last presidential election.

While Justice Department officials deny this allegation -- and the news media portray Adams as a disgruntled employee or Bush apologist -- a study released by the conservative think-tank the Heritage Foundation provides proof that illegal aliens and immigrants with green cards are committing rampant voter fraud in the United States.

Reports of ineligible persons registering to vote have raised concerns about state processes for verifying voter registration lists. States usually base voter eligibility on the voter's age, US citizenship, mental competence, and felon status.

Although individual states run elections, Congress has authority to affect the administration of the elections. The Help America Vote Act of 2002 (HAVA) had set a deadline for states to have a state-wide voter registration list and list verification procedures.

For example, the methods used in seven selected states to verify voter eligibility and ensure accuracy of voter registration lists were varied and include relying on registrant self attestation, return mailings, and checking against lists of felony convictions or deceased individuals. Some states, for instance, failed to do any more than ask on their application forms if the registrant was a US citizen. The applicant will merely check off the "Yes" box, but there is no action to verify the authenticity of that answer.

"The voter registration officials simply take the word of the registrant with no follow-up," said conservative political strategist Michael Baker.

"Some states that require some backup documentation merely ask for a utility bill or a driver's license — neither of which prove citizenship. In other words, legal or illegal aliens can easily register to vote in local and national elections," warns Baker.

According to a Congressional study of voter fraud, other challenges such as identifying duplicate registrations in other states or having insufficient information to match other data sources with voter registration lists may continue to be issues.

While federal data sources have the potential to help state election officials identify registrants who may be convicted felons or non-citizens, few states communicate with federal agencies such as the Homeland Security Department's immigration section.

Many government officials — mostly liberals — claim that illegal aliens voting is not a major problem, conservative activists respond that while the potential number identified may be small, an election can be decided by a few votes. In 2000, the presidential race between Democrat Al Gore and Republican George W. Bush was decided by a few hundred votes in Florida.

"While the news media perpetuated the assertion that Bush and the GOP 'stole' the election, it could very well have been illegal aliens voting in Florida that made the outcome so close," said former NYPD cop, now security firm owner, Sid Francis.

"Bush may have beaten Gore by more votes if illegals were excluded, since immigrants tend to vote for Democrats. Or Gore could have won decisively had there been prior screening before people were allowed into the voting booths," said Det. Francis.

"There was absolutely no mention in the mainstream media regarding suspected voter fraud by illegal or legal aliens. It was much easier for the agenda-driven news people to accuse Republicans of stealing the election," added Baker.

"Florida is not unique. Thousands of non-citizens are registered to vote in some states, and tens if not hundreds of thousands in total may be present on the voter rolls nationwide. These numbers are significant: Local elections are often decided by only a handful of votes, and even national elections have likely been within the margin of the number of non-citizens illegally registered to vote," said Hans A. von Spakovsky, a researcher at the Heritage Foundation.

"There is no reliable method to determine the number of non-citizens registered or actually voting because most laws to ensure that only citizens vote are ignored, are inadequate, or are systematically undermined by government officials. Those who ignore the implications of non-citizen registration and voting either are wilfully blind to the problem or may actually favor this form of illegal voting," said Spakovsky, an expert on the subject of illegal aliens and immigration law, during an interview on Fox News Channel.

As far as felons, US Attorneys are required to notify state election officials of federal felony convictions, but the information is not always easy for election officials to interpret or complete, according to New Jersey GOP strategist Janice Martin.

"Americans would be shocked to discover that hundreds of thousands of general election voters are illegal aliens, green-card immigrants, and criminals who've murdered, raped and robbed US citizens. And guess which political party benefits the most from their votes? The one that's pushing for amnesty and a bag full of free goodies," said Martin.

Dr. von Spakovsky believes many government officials and politicians are complicit in the voter fraud problem.

"To keep non-citizens from diluting citizens' votes, immigration and election officials must cooperate far more effectively than they have to date, and state and federal officials must increase their efforts to enforce the laws against non-citizen voting that are already on the books," he wrote in his Heritage Foundation study on illegal alien voter fraud.

"While the liberal media and the liberal establishment ignore what is a huge scandal, American voters are having their rights violated. When an illegal aliens or felon or other person prohibited by law to vote, their votes cancel out those of American citizens," warns Baker.

"Liberals want illegal aliens and felons to vote. They benefit from such rampant fraud."

Thursday, October 28, 2010

When Criminals Vote

Election Day is mental illness in plain view — unabashed, unfettered lunacy not even trying to masquerade as sanity. If we woke up, it would take perhaps 3-5 seconds to recognize this: Obama is a heinous criminal.

Then again, the same can be said for the volunteer soldiers and all those who give the orders; the law enforcement types and all those who give the orders; the judges; the professional liars who stock the media ranks; and, of course, the humans that comprise the power structure of Corporate America.

Since we habitually choose denial instead of rebellion, our willingness to play along at home by, for example, analyzing the subtle nuances that differentiate Obama from his Tea Party haters makes us heinous criminals, too. When things are as bad as they are now, there’s more than enough guilt to go around.

Just about everything aspect of the US and global culture (e.g. raping the environment, the propaganda machine, avaricious materialism, insatiable military conquest, sexism, homophobia, racism, patriarchy, etc.) adds up to death and destruction. Yet we — the species with the allegedly superior cognitive skills — opt to spend our time getting worked up over which wing of the corporate party gets more votes on the first Tuesday in November.

Joe votes Republican. Joann votes Democrat. Nothing changes.

Jane loves Glenn Beck. John adores Jon Stewart. The planet remains in peril.

Joann and John think Obama is the cat’s meow. Joe and Jane agree with Newt. Big picture: It makes no difference at all.

Whatever side we choose in these fabricated conflicts, human society maintains its steady, relentless path toward mass homicide/suicide. If we’d ever look up from our text screens or peek out from our voting booths, we might actually catch the final act.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Black Community Is Committing Genocide on Itself

The growing level of violent crime in the black American community is abhorrent. A recent study by the New York Times reported that sixty-one percent of all homicides in New York City are perpetrated by black Americans. A firearm is used seventy percent of the time. Despite generally declining crime rates, gun violence in urban areas is skyrocketing. In an open letter to President Obama, New York State Senators Bill Perkins and Eric Adams put these numbers in perspective:

No statistic is more telling than the fact that during this period the number of homicides in our one city, thirty-four hundred and ten, nearly matches the exact number of American casualties, thirty-four hundred and sixty-three for the entire Iraq war during the exact time. Put another way, we have, within the confines of New York City, during this brief period, lost hundreds more people to homicide than were lost on September 11th. Multiply that fact to cities across America and you will see the potential scale of the epidemic.

And indeed, New York is fairly representative of the spike in gun violence that is besetting urban centers across the country. The numbers are frightening. A recent study published by Northeastern University reported that even as violent crimes are decreasing across the nation, the number of black youths involved in fatal shootings is skyrocketing.

According to the report, "From 2002 to 2007, the number of homicides involving black male juveniles as victims rose by 31% and as perpetrators by 43%. In terms of gun killings involving this same population subgroup, the increases were even more pronounced: 54% for young black male victims and 47% for young black male perpetrators.”

According to statistics released by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, nearly 10 percent of black people arrested for murder in 2007 were under the age of 18. Black males between the ages of twenty and twenty-four years old constitute less than eight percent of the total population yet are responsible for nearly half the violent crime in this country.

This spike in homicides involving black male juveniles must be regarded as one of the greatest scourges facing the black community. As noted author and political science professor, James Clarke, observed, “as the 20th century comes to a close, more black males will be incarcerated in prison than go to college.”

A Three-Part Tragedy

If you track the spike in fatal violence amongst black juveniles over the past two decades, you see that it corresponds with a cycle of poverty, violence and eroding family structures that has frayed the traditional family unit in urban centers. Roughly speaking, the rise in the violent crime rate for Blacks may be attributed to three hard factors: a rise in the out-of-wedlock birthrate; an increase in domestic violence and; a corresponding increase in the poverty rate in urban centers. In subsequent chapters, I will discuss other soft factors, such as observed learning from television and other pop-culture mediums that indirectly lead to violence in the black community. But for now, I will focus on a cycle of despair that is fraying the fabric of the Black community.

The Cycle of Dispair

Children have to be taught right from wrong. They need to be taught restraint, and that violence is not an appropriate response to every perceived slight. Increasingly, though black children do not have parents at home to give them even this most basic guidance.

The out-of-wedlock birthrate among black Americans has increased nearly six fold over the last thirty-five years. Blacks are also less likely to be married than non-Hispanic whites. As the nuclear family goes boom, so do our communities—72 percent of adolescent murderers come from homes without fathers.

We need to start talking about the disintegration of the black family. I find this as frightening as anything that’s happened in our time. Seventy percent of black babies are born to unmarried parents. In effect, transient couplings have replaced the institution of marriage in black America. These “transient couples” are often children themselves and lack the means to provide material support for their family.

Not surprisingly then, the poverty rate among African Americans is 24.7% whereas the rate for Asians is 9.85, Hispanics 21.9 and non Hispanic whites 8.2%. On average, the per-capita income of whites is 69% higher than that of blacks. One third of America's poor are children. The poverty rate for Black women is more than twice that for non-Hispanic whites, for black children it is three times as high.[1] Worse, the Children's Defense Fund found that nearly 1 million black children live not in poverty, but in extreme poverty.

Abuse and neglect follow. One national study reported that “severe parent-to-child violence was 114 percent greater in black families than in white families.”

Many children in abusive households go on to become violent abusers themselves. Countless others will simply never learn how to be responsible, loving parents. The cycle of abuse and neglect will sew child welfare and self esteem issues into an entire generation of American blacks. We cannot pretend this is not happening or lay all the blame at the feet of racism.

Very simply, young Black males need to stop fathering children they can’t raise, or they need to step up and play a dominant role in their own kids’ lives. This rousing fact was not lost on Bill Cosby, who lamented what he sees as a lack of parenting, poor academic performance, sexual promiscuity, and criminal behavior during his now notorious 2004 NAACP speech. On the topic of irresponsible Black parents, Cosby had this to say:

I'm talking about these people who cry when their son is standing there in an orange suit. Where were you when he was two? Where were you when he was twelve? Where were you when he was eighteen, and how come you don't know he had a pistol? . . . and women having children by five, six different men. Under what excuse? I want somebody to love me. And as soon as you have it, you forget to parent. . . .

Cosby’s language was consciously harsh. But it needed to be said. Declining morality and bad behavior is ripping apart the black community. In particular, Black America has become frighteningly casual about having babies. In a follow up book, titled “Come on People,” Cosby quotes Xylina Bean, chief of neonatology at the King Drew Center in Compton, on having what she calls, “incidental babies”:

We all know you’ve got to do something in order to have [a baby], OK? . . .So it’s not accidental. It’s not incidental. And one of the things that I am really tired of is all of these incidental babies. They just ‘incidentally’ happen. . . .You get to decide who gets to be your baby’s daddy.

What Cosby and Bean are saying is that excuses just don’t cut it anymore. If we do not man-up and protect our children, we will sew a national curse into our community for generations to come.

The New Political Division

     This Social Security gambit, which will fail politically (as has so much of what Obama and his aides have tried), is simply more evidence that the core premise of the Obama campaign — that he would transcend the usual divisions in American politics, that he would elevate our discourse and reach across the aisle in an unprecedented way, and that he would act reasonably and responsibly in facing America’s challenges — was a mirage. It was an effective optical illusion, but it was, in fact, an optical illusion. And every week, it seems, it is being revealed as such.

I certainly agree that the gambit will fail. And one of the main reasons Obama has and will fail “to transcend the usual divisions in American politics,” is, I think, that the usual divisions aren’t there this election cycle. They may never be there again.

John Fund had a fascinating article in Saturday’s Wall Street Journal about the pollster Scott Rasmussen. The White House was stunned by Scott Brown’s Senate victory in Massachusetts last winter. Rasmussen, he writes, thinks a principal reason,

"lies in a significant division among the American public that he has tracked for the past few years — a division between what he calls the Mainstream Public and the Political Class".

Before the financial crisis of late 2008, about a tenth of Americans fell into the political class, while some 53% were classified as in the mainstream public. The rest fell somewhere in the middle. Now the percentage of people identifying with the political class has clearly declined into single digits, while those in the mainstream public have grown slightly. A majority of Democrats, Republicans and independents all agree with the mainstream view. … “The major division in this country is no longer between parties but between political elites and the people,” Mr. Rasmussen says.

Timothy Carney in the Washington Examiner writes that,

The current GOP fault line is not exactly conservatives vs. moderates or new guard vs. old guard. For 2010, the rivalry is the Tea Party wing against the K Street wing. To tell which kind of Republican a candidate is, see how the Democrats attack him: If he’s branded a shill for Wall Street, he’s from the K Street wing. If he’s labeled an extremist outside the mainstream, he’s a Tea Partier.

More tellingly, study their campaign contributions. K Street Republicans’ coffers are filled by the political action committees of defense contractors, drug companies, lobbying firms, and Wall Street banks. A Tea Party Republican is funded by the Club for Growth or the Senate Conservatives Fund, which is run by the Republican leadership’s least-favorite colleague, Jim DeMint.

The K Street wing is business as usual, whereas the tea parties represent the new politics that has, for thirty years and more, been slouching towards Washington to be born. The election of Chris Christie, Scott Brown, and Bob McDonnell is a sign of the growing power of tea-party politics. The SEC suit against New Jersey is a sign that the old rules are changing, as is the spate of news stories about the power of public-employee unions and their excessive compensation that is bankrupting states.

Politicians, like generals, prefer to fight the last war. The politicians who have figured out that the election of 2010 is being fought along new lines will still have jobs after November 2nd. But the Democrats under Obama have a big problem. They are the party of the political elite and big government. They can’t remake themselves in two months. That’s why they are in such terrible trouble.

Daytona commissioner arrested for ballot fraud

      Daytona Beach City Commissioner Derrick Henry and his campaign manager were arrested Wednesday, charged with committing absentee ballot fraud during Henrys 2010 re-election campaign.

      The arrest of Henry and Genesis Robinson comes a little more than two months after Volusia County Supervisor of Elections Ann McFall requested an investigation into irregularities in absentee ballot requests coming into her office.

      McFall brought her concerns to the Volusia County Sheriffs Office in August, prompting the Sheriffs Office and the State Attorneys Office to immediately launch a joint investigation that ultimately led to the filing of a dozen felony charges against both defendants.

      The investigation revealed that Henry and Robinson devised a strategy to boost Henrys re-election bid by obtaining absentee ballots for numerous people, most of whom never requested the ballots. By law, residents are only allowed to request absentee ballots for themselves, immediate family members or for someone for whom they’re acting as legal guardian.

       McFall filed the complaint on August 11 after her office received a large number of requests for absentee ballots that were all initiated from the same e-mail address. Based on the e-mail address, it appeared that the requests came from someone with an interest in the Daytona Beach City Commission Zone 5 race. Henry, the Zone 5 incumbent who was locked in a three-way primary, was re-elected on August 24.

       The subsequent investigation revealed that between the two of them, Henry and Robinson had requested a total of 92 absentee ballots through the elections offices web site. Four of the absentee ballots were found at Henrys house when investigators searched it on Sept. 23. Investigators also recovered absentee ballot applications and receipts for some of the absentee ballots along with handbooks outlining Florida election laws. The four absentee ballots were found under a computer keyboard.

       Investigators from both the Sheriffs Office and the State Attorneys Office interviewed many of the 92 people for whom absentee ballots were requested. And what they heard was a variety of stories. For instance, one resident said she received an absentee ballot in the mail even though she hadn’t requested one. A few days later, she said one of Henrys campaign workers showed up at her house and asked if she had received her ballot and had filled it out. The resident said she got the ballot while the campaign worker waited. Then she filled it out, sealed and signed the ballot and turned it over to the campaign worker.

      In another case, a resident said that Henry offered to get him an absentee ballot and the resident agreed. But when the ballot arrived at the mans house, it came with a second ballot for a former resident who had moved away in 2007.

      In yet another instance, two requests that were made in the name of a resident were subsequently rejected by the elections office because the resident’s voter status had been classified as inactive. So investigators sought out the man to see if he knew why the absentee ballot requests had been made on his behalf. But after investigating, officials discovered that the man didn’t request the ballots and hasn’t lived or voted in Florida in more than two decades.

      Henry also had requested an absentee ballot for his niece, listing her address as a home registered to Henry that was located within Zone 5. But investigators discovered that even though the niece used the absentee ballot to vote in the Zone 5 race, she actually lives at a different location in the city, outside of Zone 5. Investigators also spoke to several others who confirmed that they hadn’t asked for an absentee ballot and had no idea that the Henry campaign had requested a ballot for them.

       During an interview with investigators, Robinson acknowledged coming up with the strategy of applying on-line for absentee ballots, saying that Henry had approved the idea back in April when Robinson presented it to him. Robinson said it was done in an effort to increase voter turnout and improve Henrys chances of re-election. Henry was re-elected in the municipal election with 65 percent of the vote, beating his nearest competitor by nearly 600 votes.

      Henry, 41, is charged with two counts of absentee ballots and voting violations, nine counts of being a principal to absentee ballots and voting violations and one count of conspiracy to commit absentee ballots and voting violations. Robinson, 21, is facing 11 counts of being a principal to absentee ballots and voting violations and one count of conspiracy to commit absentee ballots and voting violations. All of the charges are 3rd degree felonies.

      Late Wednesday morning, both men surrendered to investigators with the Sheriffs Office and the State Attorneys Office and transported to the Volusia County Branch Jail in Daytona Beach on $6,000 bond each.

No Whites Need Apply

Project 21 Members Protest as Career Prosecutors Reveal the U.S. Justice Department is Refusing to Enforce Laws Protecting the Civil Rights of White Voters

      In light of the imminent release of a report on the Justice Department's apparent politicization of the case of alleged voting rights abuses by the New Black Panthers, members of the Project 21 black leadership network are commenting on revelations that federal civil rights enforcement is not being administered in an impartial manner.
      "'Equal justice under law' is as central to the American idea as 'life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.' Unfortunately, this now appears to be an alien concept at the Barack Obama-Eric Holder Department of Justice," said Project 21 member Deroy Murdock. "The American people should be enraged at news reports -- corroborated by the sworn testimony of career federal prosecutors J. Christian Adams and Christopher Coates -- that supervisors at the Voting Section of the Civil Rights Division seemingly have decided not to prosecute cases in which blacks are the perpetrators and/or whites are the victims of federal crimes at the polls. It now is not the content of one's criminal behavior but the color of one's skin that matters at today's Justice Department. Who knew that race-conscious prosecution, or non-prosecution, would be part of the 'change' that President Obama promised us?"

      Two career Justice Department prosecutors, J. Christian Adams and Christopher Coates, testified before the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights about Obama Administration Justice Department political appointees opposing the prosecution of three members of the New Black Panther Party for alleged voter intimidation on Election Day 2008. That case, brought against the men during the Bush Administration, was settled early in the Obama Administration after a default judgment had been made. The settlement allegedly was made at the insistence of Obama political appointees.

      A report on this case, compiled by the Civil Rights Commission after a year-long investigation, is scheduled to be released this week.

      According to the October 23 edition of the Washington Post, three other Justice Department lawyers, who spoke anonymously out of fear of retaliation by supervisors, confirmed charges made by Adams and Coates about an overall environment favoring selective civil rights enforcement. One lawyer told the Post: "There are career people who feel strongly that it is not the voting rights section's job to protect white voters. The environment is that you better toe the line of traditional civil rights ideas or you better keep quiet about it, because you will not advance, you will not receive rewards and you will be ostracized."

      Project 21 Chairman Mychal Massie sent letters to President Barack Obama on December 12, 2009 and July 12, 2010 asking for the appointment of a special prosecutor to address the allegations regarding the New Black Panther Party case. As of October 25, 2010, the White House has not replied to either letter.

      "Short of donning robes, hoods and burning crosses, it is hard for me to imagine a more glaring racist practice than that which the Obama-Holder Justice Department has apparently adopted," said Project 21's Massie. "It is not just an insult to the Constitution, but a complete abrogation of the Declaration of Independence pursuant to equal justice. The greatness of America can be found in our nation's Pledge of Allegiance in the words 'with liberty and justice for all.' Nowhere is it stated or intimated that said justice and freedom is to be based on color of skin."

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Beware: Voter Fraud Alert!

As you know we sent out an alert yesterday about the Voter Fraud going on in Arizona and Colorado:

Well, there is more:

Voter fraud watch: They’re at it again

Here we go again. Desperation plus the by-any-means-necessary credo plus a nationwide force of Alinsky avengers equals another recipe for voter fraud.

In Colorado, it’s Common Cause of Colorado, Mi Familia Vota Education Fund and the Se... Caught in an apparent scheme to foist some 6,000 shady voter registrations on the state:

A federal judge declined to force the secretary of state to reactivate approximately 6,000 new voters whose registrations were canceled under Colorado’s 20-day rule. In a decision issued Monday, Senior U.S. District Judge John L. Kane denied a motion for a preliminary injunction that was requested by several labor and voting-rights groups.

When a new voter registers in Colorado, the secretary of state mails a nonforwardable notice of disposition that the voter’s registration has been received. If the notice comes back undeliverable in the mail, then
clerks deem the voter’s registration inactive within 20 days. Melody Mirbaba, an assistant attorney general, argued that the 20-day rule is designed to stop voter fraud and duplicate registrations.

In Arizona, it’s illegal alien amnesty-supporting, SEIU-tied Mi Familia Vota again a... submitting massive, last-minute voter registrations. The race between rocket scientist Ruth McClung and open-borders radical Raul Grijalva is own to the wire. Maria Carvajal at Publius Pundit reports:

The Yuma Sun is reporting that two organizations — Mi Familia Vota and One Vote Arizona — submitted more than 3000 voter registrations in Yuma County, and more than 20,000 voters statewide. Even more, they have signed up 43,000 people statewide for the permanent early voter list.

What they didn’t tell you is that voter fraud on a massive scale could be taking place, ostensibly to help Raul Grijalva keep the congressional seat he holds by stealing the election. Here’s what the article doesn’t tell you, by a source in the Yuma County Recorder’s Office:

* These 3000 voter registration forms were all dropped off at once by the one group on the deadline to turn in voter registration


* Almost all of the registrations were for the Democratic Party, a statistical improbability at best.

* Today, these same 3000 newly registered voters — as a group — had papers dropped off at the Yuma Recorder’s office requesting to be signed up for the permanent early voters list… which means the ballots will be mailed early, with no accountability.

* The Yuma Recorder’s office is checking the voter registration forms and have found that already more than 65% of them are invalid due to the registrant not being a citizen, wrong/invalid address, false signature, etc.

Now, the question is: is voter fraud taking place in Yuma County… and is it taking place on an even bigger scale in Pima County?

So far, the partisan Democrat in charge of the Pima County Recorder’s Office, F. Ann Rodriguez, has been completely silent about any such activity, though certainly even just a few thousand votes could change
the outcome of the race between rocket scientist Ruth McClung and boycotter Raul Grijalva.

In Washington State, it’s illegal alien amnesty-supporting One America Votes sending illegal alien canvassers out to drum up votes:

When Maria Gianni is knocking on voters’ doors, she’s not bashful about telling people she is in the country illegally. She knows it’s a risk to advertise this fact to strangers — but it’s one worth taking in what she sees as a crucial election.

The 42-year-old is one of dozens of volunteers — many of them illegal immigrants — canvassing neighborhoods in the Seattle area trying to get naturalized citizens to cast a ballot for candidates like Democratic Sen. Patty Murray, who is in a neck-and-neck race with Republican Dino Rossi.

Pramila Jayapal, head of One America Votes, says the campaign is about empowering immigrants who may not feel like they can contribute to a campaign because they can’t vote. “Immigrants really do matter,” Jayapal said. “If we can’t vote ourselves, we’re gonna knock on doors or get family members to vote.”

In Florida, it’s suspected absentee ballot fraud — from within a city commissioner’s office:

When police raided Daytona Beach City Commissioner Derrick Henry’s office this week and seized his computer, they say they discovered evidence of what election experts say has become a rampant, largely ignored and troubling issue in Florida — the widespread abuse of absentee ballots. Police say Henry’s computer was used to obtain dozens of absentee ballots prior to the city’s Aug. 24 elections, in which he was re-elected.

The Daytona Beach probe started when an elections supervisor noticed that as many as 90 absentee ballots had been requested from two e-mail addresses, and that they came from a single computer. (It is illegal in
Florida for anyone other than a family member to help in requesting an absentee ballot.)

Volusia County Election Supervisor Ann McFall said she grew suspicious “because 40 requests arrived in one batch on the night of  Aug. 6, and another 15 the next day. “The absentee ballots had no phone numbers on them, and my first concern was to get them in compliance. I emailed the sender and when I got no response checked with the Daytona Beach clerk, because all the requests were from Zone 5 and he didn’t recognize the address. Then I handed it over to the sheriff’s office,” she said. Police tracked the computer to the office of Henry, the city commissioner from Zone 5, who was running for re-election — and who
easily defeated his two opponents with 65 per cent of the vote.

In New York, FNC’s Eric Shawn reports on another absentee ballot scheme implicating the ACORN-tied Working Family Pa...:

There are various allegations of possible voter fraud across the country, against both parties, but nowhere does there seem to be a more unusual case than in Troy, New York. A special prosecutor investigating allegations of voter fraud, Trey Smith, is collecting DNA from the majority of the city council…all Democrats. Five city councilmen, including the council president, as well as four other city and county public officials and political operatives, have been ordered to or have had their saliva swabbed for DNA samples to compare to absentee ballots and absentee ballot applications that were allegedly forged.

The investigation centers on what has been called “a massive voter fraud scheme,” that involved absentee ballots for the Working Families Party, in September 2009. It has been alleged that Democrats tried to steal the primary election for city council and county legislature, by forging absentee ballots and ballot applications to ensure that their candidates also won the Working Families Party primary line. ‘No comment,” is what Democratic Council member Gary Galuski told us, as well as several other public officials who are under investigation.

In Texas, citizen watchdogs have joined True the Vote to monitor and strike back against election fraud in Harris County:

Talk about denial! A group of liberal activists is making the media rounds, assuring reporters and editors that election fraud is a fairy tale. Nothing serious, they assert, nothing to see here. Too bad for them that citizens in Houston, energized by the Tea Party movement, have formed a group called True the Vote. Their hard work has emonstrated that, in some parts of the country at least, our election system is still infested with problems.

True the Vote is composed entirely of volunteers — hundreds of them. They have pored over election records in Harris County, Texas, looking for signs of fraud. And they have found plenty. Indeed, their initial
research into only a very small portion of the voter registration records has led them to ask the U.S. Justice Department’s Voting Section to conduct a federal investigation.

In a letter asking for an official inquiry, True the Vote discusses potential widespread forgery in voter application forms. For instance, it seems from the applications that someone suspiciously signs the
letter “J” with a quirky “3” inside the loop. The “3” shows up in multiple signatures for different voters with the names Jenard, Jamark, Jamarcus, and Jones.

True the Vote reports that at least four noncitizens have been registered to vote in Harris County. The group provided Justice with the actual voter registration forms where applicants marked “NO” to the question: “Are you a U.S. Citizen?” The group also provided the voter registration numbers of these confessed noncitizens. Yes, astonishingly, Harris County registered them to vote anyway. They are now on the rolls and able to participate in the upcoming midterm elections.

The Help America Vote Act of 2002 was supposed to stop this from happening. But this federal legislation is only as good as the Justice Department’s willingness to enforce it. If Harris County is registering noncitizens, then it is violating numerous provisions of federal law, including those that prohibit the registration of foreigners to vote in federal elections.

True the Vote uncovered other types of fraud as well. The group forwarded to DOJ seven voter registration forms with applicant names different from the signature name. For example: Ta’mackayn Harrison’s application was signed by “Bra Kelly.” Jason King’s was signed by “Jemma Noel.” Yet Harris County inexplicably approved all of these applications. Jason King, aka Jemma Noel, is now on the voter rolls in

The citizens group also found multiple registrations for individual voters. For example, True the Vote provided the Justice Department government documents showing that at least four persons, including Jose
Gomez and Victor Nickerson, had registered to vote multiple times successfully.

These problems were found by True the Vote in just a small sampling of the county’s voter registration list.
In Kentucky, there’s not much detail, but state and FBI officials are investigating voter fraud in Breathhitt County.

In Illinois, disgraceful officials have reportedly been caught lying about the status of military ballots while DOJ twiddles its thumbs.

In Ohio, it’s Cincinnati schools under fire for busing students to vote and handing them Democrat-only sample ballots:

Three van loads of Hughes High students were taken last week – during school hours – to vote and given sample ballots only for Democratic candidates and then taken for ice cream, a Monday lawsuit alleges.

The complaint was made by Thomas Brinkman Jr., a Republican candidate for Hamilton County auditor, and the Coalition Opposed to Additional Spending & Taxes against Cincinnati Public Schools.

“They plan to bring four more high schools (to vote) this week,” Christopher Finney, COAST attorney, said Monday after filing the suit.

It seeks a temporary restraining order to prevent school officials from participating or helping students participate in partisan politics during school hours or with school property or employees involved.
These cases underscore the need for voters to put secretaries of state into office who will protect election integrity from radical left-wing groups. I’ve said before we need candidates like Kris Kobach, running for secretary of state in Kansas on an anti-fraud, anti-corruption, anti-ACORN platform, in every state in the nation.

In the meantime: Vigilance plus citizen media plus the willingness to be sued for blowing the whistle equals the best defense for voter fraud. We must all be voter fraud watchers now.

Maricopa County GOP Website Alleges Massive Voter Fraud in Arizona and Colorado

On Friday it was reported that the Yuma Recorder’s office was checking the 3,000 last minute voter registration forms turned in by the far left Mi Familia Vota organization. The recorder’s office found that
already more than 65% of the registrations were invalid due to the registrant not being a citizen, wrong/invalid address, false signature, etc Mi Familia Vota is a SEIU sub-organization.

It is just as “non-partisan” as ACORN was before documented fraudulent behaviors finally killed it.

Yuma County is located in Arizona’s 7th District. Currently, far left Arizona boycotter Rep. Raul Grijalva is caught in a tight race with Republican rocket scientist Ruth McClung. A few thousand votes could change the outcome of the race between the popular rocket scientist Ruth McClung and the socialist boycotter Raul Grijalva.

The same SEIU offshoot group that is accused of turning in thousands of bogus voter registrations in Arizona has also come under fire in Colorado. Mi Familia Vota was accused of turning in 6,000 bogus voter registrations in Colorado earlier this year.

Today Russell Peirce the Maricopa County GOP alleged that massive voter fraud is being waged by leftist groups in Arizona and Colorado.

The Maricopa County GOP website reported


There has been an accusation that 65% of 5000 voter registration forms, submitted by Mi Familia Vota and One Vote Arizona, in Yuma

County on the last day of filling are invalid due to the registrant not

being a citizen, wrong/invalid address, false signature, etc. I also

understand that these 2 groups have signed up 20,000 states wide and

they have requested that 45,000 be put on the permanent early ballot.

If 65% of these last minute registration forms in Yuma are invalid,

which may be more as they are still checking the rest, then what is the

percentages of invalid in Maricopa, Pima and other counties.

This is a very serious accusation that needs to be investigated to the fullest extent of the law. If this accusation is true then the

perpetrators of this hideous crime against America citizens should be

prosecuted to full extent of the law by Arizona Courts and not the

federal courts as they do nothing on voter fraud and voter

intimidation. All participants should be locked up and the key thrown

away. This is an attack against sovereignty of this state and our

freedoms for a socialist agenda.

I authored Prop 200, which was passed by an overwhelming majority of voters to help make Arizona one of the safest states in nation for


Prop 200 had three parts to it.

Proof of citizenship to register to vote: The U.S. Constitution established more than 200 years ago that only citizens may

vote. The initiative requires everyone equally to prove eligibility as

does the Arizona Constitution. Thanks to Proposition 200, ACORN’s

efforts of voter fraud were thwarted here in Arizona.

Photo I.D. When voting: Photo I.D. Is required to cash a check, apply for welfare, sign a lease, or get a rental card at a video store.

Proof of eligibility to receive non-federal mandated public benefits: The initiative would require everyone to provide proof of eligibility

equally. The Urban Institute studied this extensively in 1994, the

University of Arizona in 2001, and estimated such costs to vary widely

in the tens of millions of dollars.

They will stop at nothing to steal our elections and it appears that the friends of Raul Grijalva are doing everything they can to keep

Ruth McClung, Janet Contreras and David Schweikert from getting

elected. ACORN & SEIU are doing everything they can to find loop

holes in our laws to use illegal’s and dead people to vote for their

socialist, Anti-American agenda incumbents.

Yesterday a Colorado judge threw out 6000 bogus voter registration forms submitted by the same SEIU off shoot Mi Familia Vota here in


I am going to pursue this matter, the State Legislator has full investigative powers and I will not let this rest. I will be pursuing

for a full investigation and if violations are found, I will push for

aggressive prosecution with jail time imposed.

If, in the mean time, while I pursue this gross assault on our freedoms, you are as concerned, if not angry as I am about this issue,

then I ask you to do one thing right now. Don’t delay, do it right now.

Click on one of following 7 links and make a small or large donation

to David, Ruth, Janet, Ben, Trent, Paul and Jesse’s campaign. Do it

right now. They need our help and we need them in D.C. to fight for

us. If we don’t take back Arizona we may not have a majority in

Congress to stop the attack on freedom, reckless spending and out of

control debt.

For Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness,

Russell Paul Gosar District 1 Trent Franks District 2 Ben Quayle District 3 Janet Contreras District 4 David Schweikert District 5 Ruth McClung District 7 Jessie Kelly District 8

Too Much Obama

The more we see and hear him, the more President Obama’s popularity falters and falls. In recent days, as he was in the beginning of his term, he is everywhere, all the time again.

The one place he was not on 9/11 was Ground Zero. He chose the Pentagon instead; a curious choice for a man who criticized Bush’s actions in Iraq and Afghanistan, but then followed every one of them.

He is in full campaign mode these days, addressing friendly labor groups and spouting the usual communist clap-trap about the “rich” and, in diametric opposition to almost every economist in the nation, intent on letting the Bush tax cuts expire at the end of the year.

He has turned from actual issues to an obsessive attack on a relatively obscure Republican Congressman, John Boehner (OH), who is the designated spokesperson for the party and likely to be the next Speaker after the midterm elections. For the President, Boehner has become the despised opponent and, as we all know by now, the Republican Party has migrated from being the “culture of corruption” during the last administration to “the party of no” in the present one.

Pay no attention, please, to the ethics charges levied against Reps. Charlie Rangel or Maxine Waters, two stalwart Democrats, or Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson was busy steering scholarships to family members.

It is rarely mentioned in the mainstream press that the Republican Party has so few votes in Congress that its ability to block any legislation depends on disaffected Democrats, many of whom now realize that the President’s policies have jeopardized their ability to remain in office. Some Democrats are actually running against Obamacare, if not Obama himself.

Obama’s endorsement is the political kiss of death. It only took him a year and a half to achieve this status. George W. Bush wasn’t this disdained until well into his second term when it was apparent even to Republicans that he never met a spending bill he would not sign.

Perhaps we should have known that Obama was in trouble when he showed up on “The View”, a gabfest of ladies, all but one of whom are hardcore liberals. It was an odd venue for a President, but then so were his appearances on late night talk shows. I fully expect to see him on Jon Stewart’s “Daily Show” any day now. When Vice President Biden appeared there recently, he took the opportunity to praise George W. Bush.

Aside from the expected campaign function of his appearances, there is a faint tinge of desperation to all this exposure and it was noticed when he departed from his prepared text to say “They talk about me like a dog.” This is a curious complaint from a man who has described himself as “a mutt” and “a mongrel”, referring to his mixed-race parentage.

About the only media that still have what media critic Bernie Goldberg calls “a slobbering love affair” with Obama are the misnamed news magazines, Time and Newsweek. They have long since abandoned any pretence at either news or objectivity, two fundamental requirements of journalism. Add in MSNBC and it’s not exactly the kind of numbers that change the outcome of elections.

Obama knows he is a one-term President and, after the midterm elections, he will have to rely on his cabinet members and the dozens of other appointees to deter economic growth, ignore national security issues, and impose mindless environmental regulations.

Obama is already looking more and more pathetic in so many different ways. Don’t expect this to change much after he is dismissed from office by the voters in 2012.

Racism Is Not A Partisan Issue

These days, it seems whenever someone wants to silence their opponents or their detractors, the first order of business is to get them labeled, and the best (and apparently the best of the worst) is to slap the label “Racist” on with enough rhetoric glue to make it stick - - if you don’t like what I’m doing you are a racist; if you don’t agree with me, you are a racist; if you don’t believe as I believe, you are a racist . . . and on and on.

I think it interesting that the liberal leftist demagogues shout that accusation immediately so often that it is almost losing its power. I note, “Almost”.

Recently, a 10 year long contract employee of a very liberal broadcast media made the mistake of voicing an opinion. In fact, he gave voice to an opinion held by [likely] hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people around the world, not just here in the US.

I published an article on this and several readers felt inclined to comment on the article – the first one, named “Maura”, caught my attention.

"If Juan Williams deviates even slightly from the party line, he gets viciously attacked by those on the radical left."

Racism is not a partisan issue.

True, Maura, racism is not partisan. This is made even more evident by the article. It seems that the liberal leftists are just as eager to slap that label on their own almost as quickly as they slap it on their right-wing conservative opponents.

I have a couple of questions though. Why would anyone refer to someone who voices a fear of people who deliberately identify themselves with murder, mayhem, terror, torture, hatred and what most of the free world agree is evil as “racism”?

Are those who salute and wear the swastika of only one race? No, there are people of every nationality, every culture, every color, and every race on earth who still promote Nazism. These people are vile supporters of their own supremacist ideologies (which, by the way, was supported by influential muslim leaders and entire muslim countries before, during and after World War II)

Do you really believe it is racist for a normal person to see people who are identifying themselves as belonging to a certain group that promotes violence, and threatens death to any who “cross” it? I call that common sense. Here is an example, is it "racist" to be fearful of a person who chooses to wear a particular street gang’s identifying color garb, or an insignia of a violent motorcycle gang? Isn't it more reasonable to believe that any individual clothed in such a manner would at the very least be supportive of the street gang or motorcycle gang whose colors or insignia they wore, if not actually an active member, that they are at the minimum attempting to emulate them, to fit in with them? So, why then, is it unreasonable for anyone to see a person clothed in another particular way which identifies them with groups who actively seek the subjugation, violent conversion, or death of any person not belonging to their “gang” to be fearful of what may be their intentions? Why is that racist?

It is not racist for a person to walk down the street, look to the corner, see a group of youths in gang colors, being loud and offensive to all who pass by, to cross to the other side of the street or hope for a cop to be handy [never around when you need them]. And it is not racist of me to say that when I see that gang on the street corner I am fearful of their intentions.

This is not “racism”. This is self preservation, self defense 101. It is not racist to be fearful of a group of people, especially a group consisting of all colors, of all ethnic backgrounds, of all varieties that identify themselves as muslim. You see, you cannot point to one “race” and say “There is a muslim”, you cannot point to one skin color and say “There is a muslim”, and because it is actually quite impossible to identify a muslim by “race” or skin color, it is ludicrous of those on the left to refer to those who believes there are ample reasons (like me) to dislike any single or group of muslims as a racist. Muslim (Islam) quite simply is not any one single race. Just as Christianity is not any one single race. Additionally, there are Hindus, Jews, and most all other religions which have a multitude of races (skin color, ethnic, or geographic) in their midst.

If, however, you simply seek to slander or smear, in an attempt to silence or marginalize those who believe there is justification to dislike, be fearful of, or even to fight against a single muslim or a group of muslims and are not afraid to say so out loud, then at least try to be more accurate in your slur. (you will please note I have never referenced the entire muslim population, as there are likely good and bad in any entire body of believers of every population)

These people are not racists, they are, at worst, bigots (at best, they are honest, truthful, plain spoken Americans exercising their 1st Amendment Rights). Being a bigot is little more than making a personal choice to dislike, be fearful of or oppose based on personal opinion, personal beliefs, and personal conclusion. Heaven forbid any one of us choose our own life and how we want to live it as being better and wanting to keep/maintain it over having someone else’s idea of what our life should be and having them force their will upon us. Have you considered that because liberals/democrats are so vehemently opposed to conservatives, they too could be correctly identified as bigots?