Friday, October 23, 2015

What's In A Name?

Did you know that privately owned for-profit corporations under contract to provide government services have misrepresented themselves as the government and used that presumed position of public trust to defraud us, enslave us, and levy false claims against us and our assets in the foreign jurisdiction of international commerce.

The misuse and abuse of “birth certificates” and their misrepresentation as “voluntary private contracts” has led to the literal enslavement of hundreds of millions of people worldwide almost a hundred years after slavery was universally outlawed. These issues of economic slavery and “slavery via corporate proxy” must be addressed and the mechanisms used to promote this abuse must be dismantled.
The registration of live births in America and throughout the former British Empire, most of Europe, and Japan is used not to simply record the birth of babies, but to name commercial “vessels” after those babies. These proxy entities may be variously constructed as estate trusts, foreign situs trusts, or even public transmitting utilities—- the creators of these incorporated entities named after living children then operate these corporations and accrue debts that they false charge against the living people using the deceitfully similar name as a means to defraud the victims. This is a bunko crime known as “personage”—knowingly “mistaking on purpose” a living man for a corporation using the same or similar name— for example, mistaking a man named “James Clarence Penny” for the retail department store doing business as “JC PENNY”.

The corollary crime routinely practiced by attorneys and barristers is known as “barratry”—knowingly bringing charges against this corporate proxies “as if” they were the same as the living people they are named after, and addressing those same people as defendents in civil and criminal actions. This is the tip of the iceberg of the harm that is routinely done to living people via the misuse of incorporated proxy entities merely named after them. It is a venal institutionalized fraud scheme that must be recognized for what it is and attacked by every peaceful and determined means possible.

When a friends son was born she was presented with the paperwork that all new Mothers are coerced to sign. When she refused she was bluntly told by two menacing interns and a an O.B.G.Y.N. that she either sign or her son would be kept in State custody and she would not be allowed to take him home. Bear in mind that she was a successful 33 year old married career woman with no criminal record, no addiction problems, no history of mental illness. There was and is no possible excuse for the way she and millions of other American women are treated and the extortion used to secure an inequitable, involuntary, and unconscionable “public” commercial interest in our babies as a chattel properties being bonded and used as collateral to finance the “public debt” of these private governmental services corporations pretending to be the American government.

Those responsible were and are criminals engaged in press-ganging land assets into the international jurisdiction of the sea, inland piracy, enslavement, human trafficking, unlawful conversion, extortion, racketeering, armed robbery, kidnapping, commercial fraud, and conspiracy against The Constitution for the United States of America. Every single person involved in this needs to be charged and arrested and thrown in jail without further delay, but the police are employed by the same privately owned and operated corporations that are benefitting themselves from these gross abuses.

That is, the police forces that we depend upon to enforce the Public Law are operating instead as private commercial mercenaries, not as public peacekeeping officers at all. The foxes are indeed guarding the hen houses of America, a circumstance that again requires awareness and action by the body politic to resolve.

As I have explained, the organizations we are dealing with are governmental services corporations—- not our lawful government. They are merely claiming to “represent” our government in the absence of our actual government, which is owed to us, and which must be provided by us. This addresses the heart of what “self-government” means.

Every living American has more civil authority on the land jurisdiction of the Continental United States than the entire Federal United States government. It’s time that we exercised that inherent power and put an end to this gross criminality, fraud, and usurpation by our “public servants”.

Monday, July 13, 2015

We Must Make The Change

Black Americans are increasingly uneasy about race relations in the United States, ranking that as the nation's number one problem along with unemployment, according to a recent Gallup poll.

Some Of Our Dead Unarmed Black Men
Much of our concern, which began growing last year, is driven by highly publicized police shooting of unarmed black men, also in the news a lot over the last five years.

The fact that race relations ranks so high is not surprising because of how often the news and entertainment media highlight stories that associate black men with violence, crime and poverty,  yet I believe that all races and genders suffer from the same epidemic as does our black communities coast to coast, "Now, Ain't That American?"

When mostly black males are focused on and portrayed everywhere we look in a negative light, our brains -no matter our race or sex - are prone and primed to believe that this portrayal is correct, even the norm, But the fact is,, it's not. Not by a long shot.

One way to address the problem is to "update" the narrative with a more full picture of "us" black men and our black teenage boys.

For example: more than 80% of black men 25 and older have at least a high school diploma. And a much repeated myth that there are more black men in prison than in college isn't true, and if you believe in that liberal disinformation, then, you're the problem.

One Of The Many Black Contributors
The U.S. is bursting with black men that are educated, good businessmen and great fathers, yet their contributions to society are greatly overlooked. So that's why America needs to update the way it views black men.

The nation is in the middle of perhaps its biggest cultural transfer in history. Over the coming years, the baby boomers will give way to the "millennials" as the largest generation in history. As that happens, America will no longer have a racial majority. All of the social myths will be  updated for better or worse. If we make a concerted effort to understand each other over the next decade, I think we can change them for the better.

Recognizing that black men are assets opens up opportunities for all people to build better cities by working with those black men who are willing to uphold important values and take constructive action. We must stop ignoring the overwhelming amount of good that black men do for our country. Letting go of stereotypes about black males will help more than just black males. Valuing all members of the human family is the most prosperous way forward for a nation as diverse as the U.S..

All of us should reject any narratives that denigrate people and prejudice one group against another, that's why I'm committed to informing people of all races and genders to bring about a more understanding, caring and prosperous collaboration.

We can each be the hero in the story of America's future. As black men and as a nation, our challenges are real, but our contributions are more real. What you focus on has power over your life. So, as black males and as Americans, we make our future when we make our choices.