Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I'm Going To Steal This Election

And, There's Nothing You Or Anyone Can Do About It

The United States of America has a brand new private VOTE COUNTING company that the Obama administration has personally handpicked.

The company is called Scytl and it is based in Michelle Obama’s most favorite vacation spot, Barcelona, Spain
Forget the fact that Barack is once again outsourcing  jobs for people in another country; there are much bigger fish to fry in this story.
According to the “About Us” section of the Scytl website:
Scytl is a worldwide leader in the development of secure solutions for electoral modernization.
Scytl was formed as a spin-off from a leading research group at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. This group, funded by the Spanish Government’s Ministry of Science and Technology, has pioneered the research on e-voting security in Europe since 1994 and has produced significant scientific results, including 25 scientific papers published in international journals and the first two European Ph.D. theses on electronic voting security, by Prof. Joan Borrell and Scytl’s founder Dr. Andreu Riera (in 1996 and 1999, respectively). This research group also participated in the first Internet binding election in Europe (i.e., the 1997 election to the Presidency of the IEEE IT Spanish chapter).
Scytl has customers both in the private and public sectors. Some of these customers represent leading references in the electoral modernization market (e.g., governments in Spain, the USA, France, Austria, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Philippines, Argentina, Mexico, Finland and Australia) and are pioneering new electronic voting applications. Scytl’s solutions have been successfully used in multiple projects worldwide, some of which represent breakthrough projects for the electoral modernization industry.
So what does this mean for all us non-European voters here in America?

It means a foreign company may now, ostensibly and unconstitutionally, determine who wins US “elections.” 
It also means that the Obama administration has sold the processing right of our votes in the general election to Scytl, which will make it impossible to track and verify our votes.
Michael Savage
According to Michael Savage, “This critical component to a free election, the transparent tabulation of votes, will no longer  be handled by individual precincts but by this company over which we have absolutely no control…The problem is that once the votes are merged, it will be impossible to go back and check their integrity at the local level. It is very likely that this is the final step in Obama’s corruption of the voting process. It has the promise of enabling him and his cohorts to control the outcomes of federal elections with no accountability. On top of that it’s one more step toward a global government.”


Pere Valles
There are no Americans on the Board of Directors of Scytl—but CEO Pere Valles once lived and worked in Barack’s old stomping grounds, Chicago. From the Scytl website:
Mr. Valles joined Scytl in March 2004 after spending most of his professional career in the United States. Prior to joining Scytl, Mr. Valles was Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer of GlobalNet, a NASDAQ publicly-traded telecommunications company headquartered in Chicago. Mr. Valles assisted GlobalNet in becoming one of the leading providers of Voice-over-IP in the world and was instrumental in the successful sale of the company to The Titan Corporation, a NYSE defense company. At GlobalNet, Mr. Valles was responsible for designing and executing the strategic plan that led to an increase in revenues from US$ 25 million to over US$ 100 million and brought the company to profitability. Previously, Mr. Valles had worked as Senior Manager for KPMG‘s Mergers & Acquisitions group in Los Angeles and Miami providing financial and strategic consulting services to private equity groups and corporations involved in acquisitions in the United States, Latin America and Europe. During his career at KPMG, Mr. Valles actively participated in more than 20 transactions in the telecommunications and technology areas. Mr. Valles has a bachelor degree in Economics and a bachelor degree in Law from the University of Barcelona and a MBA (summa cum laude) from Indiana University.

Although the mainstream media has yet to report on the fact that a Spanish based company will be tabulating the Nov. 2012 vote, or at least a significant part of it, those who are aware of the plans are raising serious concerns about the integrity and privacy of the U.S. general election this year.

First, does the U.S. Constitution allow for a foreign entity to take over voter tabulations in this country? If there is no definitive statement in the document itself, the next place to look for the answer is to the Framers themselves, and to historic precedent. Elections in this country have always been under the control and jurisdiction of the local Elections Boards through precincts. To take the process out of the hands of Americans at the local level and place it in the hands of foreigners seems to be a gross violation of every principle of national sovereignty by which the country has operated for over 200 years.
Second, SCYTL has a known history of problems with the integrity of its vote tabulations. The state of Florida refused to allow the company to tabulate its vote in 2008 after discovering significant risks. Those risks are summarized here:

 (1) voters being unable to cast votes,    (2) an election result that does not accurately reflect the will of the voters, or    (3) disclosure of confidential information, such as the votes cast by a voter. The extent to which these vulnerabilities could actually be exploited in the ODBP is beyond the scope of this op-ed given my lack of system context. Secure handling and audit of the Voter Choice Records may defend against some or all of these vulnerabilities, but these procedures were not available for review. 

I've identify three findings of particular significance: 

The use of supervised polling stations provides significantly better protection against voter coercion or vote- selling than is present in some other absentee voting systems, such as voting by mail. 

Two copies of each vote are stored: one electronically, and another on paper as a Voter Choice Record. This provides redundancy that is not present in existing vote-by-mail systems. If the electronic votes are well-protected, then they can enable audit of the paper records in ways that are not currently possible.

  After casting their ballot, each voter is given a receipt that is intended to give voters confidence that their votes were “Counted as Cast”. These receipts do not achieve their stated goal of allowing voters to “independently verify that their ballots have been correctly accounted for.” These receipts might indicate that a vote was received and decrypted by the county (a property not typically provided by current postal voting systems), but they do not provide assurance that the voter’s vote was correctly recorded. 

Third, in 2010 the new electronic voting system installed in Washington, D.C. by SCYTL was hacked.

Fourth, SCYTL was originally funded in part by the Spanish government and maintains a close association with that government. The company is also known for its support of socialistic principles in Europe. Such a scenario raises significant red flags concerning the ability of foreign governments to gain access to valuable private voter information in the U.S.

Fifth, SCYTL is owned by the former CEO of Global Net, who made the maximum legal donation to the Obama campaignin 2008. It has been speculated that he has a relationship with Media Matters, but it is unknown if that relationship extends to MM founder George Soros.

Geoff Ross
Sixth, Senior Chief Geoff Ross, U.S. Navy, retired, wonders if the choice of SCYTL is the reason Obama sounded so confident of his reelection when he was overheard on a live microphone telling the Russian President that much more could be done about nuclear arms after the November elections. Ross further wonders who made the decision to go with SCYTL and how. Was it an Obama Executive Order? Did the Federal Elections Commission make the choice? Was it approved by Congress?
Seventh, given that vote counting is the responsibility of state and local elections commissions, how many of these entities have contracted with SCYTL to do their counting for them? Are these local elections commissions being pressured by the feds at the FEC to contract out their electronic vote tabulations to SCYTL? Is this another attempt of the Obama Administration to usurp local authority?

So far there are many questions here but few answers.


  1. From the very moment that this story hit and this company SCYTL reared it ugly head, Bobby I knew it was over. I knew obama had his Ace in the Hole.I'm so glad someone finally wrote about it. Now if only the American People will read and pass this on. Thank you again my friend.. Thank you!

  2. Bobby, do you know how this came to be? I this a congressional bill that was passed? If not our congress must put a stop to this!!

  3. Posted by Bobby Greer at 12:19 PM ~ Appreciate the share Bobby. Wow! So much stuff is going over the Net these days, lots of good stuff that is not even on the MSM News. This round of POTUS Elections I am NOT Voting for Obama or Romney. Let us all wake up without false fear. Amerikan Fascism is here now! Namaste! Peter S. López AKA @Peta_de_Aztlan on Twitter c/s