Friday, April 25, 2014

The Destroyer

Now Playing In Our Nations Capital

I dearly wish that our political leaders would combine their observations with insight and season them liberally with understanding.  I also wish that they would learn the lessons of history so they would be less inclined to repeat past mistakes.

Maybe we should think about our communication style with these people.  Could we pattern our approach with the insight and understanding of where they came from and how they grew up? 

How can we make the national defense issue“up close and personal” to a people who are more prone to run away from responsibility than face it squarely and deal with it effectively? 
An attitude adjustment requires disposition.  How do we help lawmakers and US voters become disposed to listen and be open to ideas that are different from their own?

72% of the house of representatives and 78% of the Senate was made up of lawmakers who served in the armed forces some 40 years ago. Today just 20% of House members and 18% of Senators have served.

Those who have served in the military have a better understanding and a deeper comprehension of issues involving national security, armed services and veteran issues – issues that if not more important now, are just as critical as they were 40 years ago.

“40 years ago” equates to the early 1970's or about 25 years or so after WW-II.  I remember that we had mandatory military service (the Draft Law) in the 1950's.  This also was about the timeframe that the news media started branding people with names like “Hippies”, “Yuppies”, “Flower Children”, and “Generation-X” just to name a few.  Their parents were labeled “baby boomers.” 

Our nation was in a turmoil of clashing value systems and ideological rebellion.  No wonder the US House and Senate was packed with Military veterans back in that day. That also might explain why many present US politicians in office now are allergic to anything military.

The Republicans basically respect their oath of office and want to pattern the present government on the mandates outlined in the US Constitution.  They want to restore the three-leg stool that supports the US Constitution:

1. Separation of power.
2. Balance of power and
3. Limitation of power.

They argue that the US Government is NOT a democracy now, and never was.  Instead, it is a Representative Republic bound by a confederation of member states. On the other hand, the Democrats consider the US Constitution an obsolete document urgently in need of revision or outright replacement. 

Meanwhile, they ignore its original concepts and substitute an informal replacement that they call their “living constitution.”  They advocate a parliamentarian republic modeled after Canada and the European nations.

Their principles and foundation are reflected in the Obama campaign flag that he wanted to fly in all government buildings in 2010 instead of the official American flag we use today to identify ourselves to the rest of the planet. This is a variation of the campaign logo, represented by the blue and white symbol in the upper left corner The three curved blue stripes represent Canada, the (about to be former) United States and Mexico.   The rising sun represents the future America with three provinces.   The outer circle represents a one-world government.

As Obama said, “There are no States but the United States.” His vision involves the dissolution of a confederation of States. Are those red stripes blood?  If so, whose blood? 

My source for its symbolism is The Post American World.  This book was in the President’s hand as he prepared to board the Presidential Helicopter in 2009.

Veterans pledged a solemn oath when we joined the US Military.  That oath had no expiration date or terms for dissolution. Our nation is in peril of destruction from within.  This is one of those times in our history when we face a determined enemy from within our nation that threatens the survival of our nation even more than our foreign enemies. 

I cannot remember a time when our mission to change the minds and spirit of our nation’s lawmakers and citizens is more important than now.

Placation and appeasement are not and never were viable options.  Ever try to appease a tiger?  We do not look like a worthy opponent; we look like lunch.

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