Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Who makes the best racist statements?

Who do you think is more racist? the Klan or the NAACP?

This first video comes to us from the recent NAACP fund raiser banquet where we can clearly hear Shirley Sherrod explane how she made a decision based solely on the race of the individual: A white farmer. This kind of treatment is exactly the kind of treatment that the civil rights movement was all about, and now the shoe is on the foot of the NAACP,,,and they're dropping the ball BIG TIME.

Amazingly, the black people in the audience at the NAACP banquet did not audibly object to the anti-white racist remarks of the Shirley Sherrod. If a white speaker had made similar anti-black racist remarks at any tea party rally, they would have been lamb baseded and sued by everyone black within 300 miles of the event.

The NAACP is clearly a racist organization, the tea parties, being made up of so many dissatisfied people are sure to have some people that will exhibit some racial tentions among them.

Okay; you've just seen the Sherley Sherrod doing her thing to which I feel is DEAD WRONG.
Now Here's one from the Klan you must listen carefully otherwise you'll miss it.

Did you see and hear it? I loaded this video for the purpose of educating black people of their reason for voting for the Democratic party, it's because of fear. And yet, to this day, We still vote down the line democrate, with most of the offices that blacks hold are with the democratic party, The Party of RACISUM. NAACP, now the puppets of the democrat party.

And here's one more, just in case you're a Klansmen and need to feel some sort of botherhood or kinship, you can join these men or you can join the NAACP.

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