Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Obama's back-door amnesty threat is real

Director Alejandro N. Mayorkas
     An undated memo surfaced on U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services letterhead last week from four agency staffers to Director Alejandro N. Mayorkas. The memo was titled "Administrative Alternatives to Comprehensive Immigration Reform." The memo outlined 18 ways ("used alone or in combination") to make a legal resident of every illegal alien in the U.S. through "a non-legislative version of amnesty."

The memo is a blueprint for presidential dictatorship.

President Obama
     The Obama administration's first media reaction to the memo was to question its authenticity. By Friday, the Obama sock puppets were admitting the memo was genuine, but "nobody should mistake deliberation and exchange of ideas for final decisions," according to a USCIS spokesman.

Brian Bilbray
     Rep. Brian Bilbray, R-Calif., confirmed on his radio show Friday that he had heard about the internal USCIS memo more than a month ago and, together with 48 other members of the House, had sent a letter to Obama on July 1 asking him to state whether he intends to go around Congress and grant illegal alien amnesty through presidential order. The president has not replied to the Bilbray letter.

     Like the earlier threat to use the administrative powers of the Environmental Protection Agency to impose carbon restrictions and "fees" if Congress failed to act on the Obama "Cap and Trade" proposal (under which Obama promised electricity rates would "necessarily skyrocket"), this threat to directly grant amnesty to illegals by presidential dictate was seen by many other Obama cheerleaders as a savvy political move to increase pressure on Congress to act on "comprehensive immigration reform."
Sen. Harry Reid
Don't believe it.

     While there's no doubt Obama would prefer signing congressional amnesty legislation (if only because of the opportunity to include another kite tail of goodies for his labor, environmental and lawyer backers), time is running out. Even Harry Reid has recognized that We the People are just too aware of the amnesty issue and way too opposed to it to allow passage of such a bill this close to an election.

     But Obama's political need for an amnesty is too great. Obama views illegal aliens as undocumented Democrats – future voters vital to the re-election of the regime in 2012 and, if possible, the deus ex machina miracle needed to save enough failing congressional Democrats to hang onto control after this fall's election.

What gave away Obama's real intent is the unfolding presidential jihad against Arizona.
Judge Susan Bolton

     Federal District Judge Susan Bolton's injunction order against Arizona's immigration law is replete with sweeping generalizations unsupported by statute or precedent. But it does reveal Obama's real intentions on the border. The judge's order incorporates the "Justice" Department's contention that Obama has the power to not enforce immigration laws passed by Congress and the further power to stop any state from enforcing those laws.

     The presidential oath (administered twice to this president!) requires the "faithful execution" of the office and the defense of the Constitution. As the executive sworn to carry out the will of the people as expressed by the people's representatives in Congress through the adoption of laws, the president has no constitutional power to decide to ignore the laws of Congress.

     Yet Obama not only asserts such a power, he has a federal judge now confirming it. Congress – and through Congress the American people's ability to define and limit presidential power – just got taken down a notch. If the president can ignore congressional laws and prevent others from enforcing those laws, we are near dictatorship.

     Obama's real intentions were also revealed by political allies in the community activist ranks who were mobilized to enforce the judge's order and bash Arizona.

     SEIU, a labor union that spent $67 million supporting Obama in the 2008 election, and whose president was the single most frequent visitor to the White House in 2009, hired buses in Los Angeles and sent paid "volunteers" to Phoenix to demonstrate against the Arizona law. Defying overwhelming citizen support within Arizona for Gov. Jan Brewer and the Arizona immigration law, leftist groups within Arizona were mobilized to demonstrate in Tucson and Phoenix.

     Violence ensued in both cities (this was no "tea party") and many arrests followed. On I-19 south of Tucson, a multi-car pileup was narrowly averted when the two southbound lanes were blocked by pickup trucks full of young men who, according to local media reports, unloaded tires and glass onto the freeway and posted a banner that protested the Arizona law.

      The Obama media ignored the violence, ignored the "Che" T-shirts and banners, ignored the "down-with-capitalism" speeches, ignored the Mexican flags. Instead, they went with the "racist" spin on the Arizona law, highlighting the plight of individual illegals now fearful of staying in Arizona. One woman, illegally in the U.S. from Nicaragua, even complained in a TV interview that she would have to move to Philadelphia. Oh, the horror!
Gov. Jan Brewer
     Gov. Brewer has immediately announced an appeal of the judge's order. The governor is standing up to Obama's power grab and deserves every American's support.

     I'm tired of just documenting and talking about the many atrocities of the Obama regime. I'm taking my national radio talk show to Tucson on Aug. 5 and inviting every listener to join me to support Gov. Brewer and Arizona. The time for just talk is over. It's time to take a stand.

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