Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Obama's Amnesty is Already Here

      It's understandable that the mainstream of Liberal oriented newspapers have not headlined the mishandling of the 2006 Secure Fence Act. Its original design was for two parallel fences separated by a two track highway for rapid deployment of US border Patrol vehicles. The upset came in the same year of 2006 Omnibus Consolidated Appropriations bill that directly contradicted the enacted law. The Senate insiders decided it was too expensive and cut funding; concluding in a major provision that the double fence was too expensive.

     So we, as the American people should adamantly ask, when is the defense of our country from the illegal immigration invasion or from invading illegal alien criminals or certainly alien terrorists - - too expensive? The success of fencing was immediately apparent after the original construction in San Diego, California, and has been remarkable in cutting back the influx of illegal aliens in a huge 50 mile swath of previously open land.

      So, I ask once again, when does protection of innocent Americans become too expensive? After all, who pays for it all? We do, Taxpayers! If the border region that cuts across California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas would have actually HAD the fence it could have likely saved thousands of lives. However, the original 2006 Secure Fence Act comprised of double layer fencing was never completed. Opponents of the fence say that the fence doesn't work; the truth is, the fence works just fine, WHERE there is fence, the problem is not that the fence does not work, but that there is not enough of the double layer fence. Many hundreds of miles have no real barrier at all, just rusting fence posts adorned with drooping barbed wire.

      In other words those in Washington, D.C. of both today and yesterday apparently care nothing for the safety of Americans who own land scattered in the open range along the border. Or, those same politicians have been intimidated by the Open Border - Free Trade zealots.

      A large majority of Americans do not blame Arizona's Governor Brewer or State Senator Peirce for trying to protect its own state and its citizens from the illegal alien invasion, the costs of welfare alone are staggering. Arizona is using whatever laws are available to them; including SB1070. While many state Representatives have been deliberately misinterpreting the 14th Amendment to create instant baby citizenship, knowing that this will turn into votes for them at election time, and ignoring that it is also costing their legal constituents billions of dollars in fraudulent welfare claims, abused social programs, medical costs, increased crime and incarceration costs.

      Blame the liberal Democrats and a small number of Republicans for the chaos caused by not constructing the double fencing. We have billions to spend on wars abroad, but Sen. Harry Reid(D-NV), Texas Republican Sens. Kay Bailey Hutchison and John Cornyn are also to blame for discarding the second fence, which if completed would have been topped with ugly but effective razor wire. This is truly "Cause and Effect" by eliminating the double layer border fence, these politicians are directly responsible for the continuing invasion of illegal aliens entering America.

      The unrelenting chaos generated by this invasion, this undeclared war on American sovereignty is simply a matter of the government failing to carry out one of the few Constitutional responsibilities it was charged with accomplishing.

      Immigration Czar John Morton has only now decided to allow ICE to deport "serious criminal offenders", instead of - - ALL - - illegal aliens, which to most Americans is indeed a "De Facto" Amnesty. As that means "Catch & Release" is back on the rails, with thousands of illegal aliens who play a large role in the staggering unemployment and lowering of wages.

       It is ridiculous for liberals to try to convince America that with all the technical knowledge available we cannot close the border? What an insult to every American citizen and legal residents! Every incumbent, career lawmaker who has a failing immigration record, beginning with Sen. Harry Reid and the czars installed to facilitate this illegal and immoral outrage must be removed from their seat in Washington, D.C. This asylum in Washington, D.C. needs a change of guard. Join NumbersUSA and aid in fighting against any amnesty and exposing the astronomical costs on American taxpayers from this invasion.

      Having stolen into our country, are citizens from other countries, becoming criminal by their criminal act of crossing our border, against our laws, depleting a welfare system that was designed for Americans and legal residents and paid for by Americans and legal residents. Are you sick and tired of this travesty? Tell your Representative in Washington at 202-224-3121 and State level officials. Speak out until they understand that We the People will not sit idly by and November is rapidly approaching!

      Remember illegal aliens will be voting in the midterm elections too. The Obama administration has shown its true colors, that illegal immigration is a great way to accumulate votes.

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