Monday, September 27, 2010

Islamization of the United States

The Al-Rahman mosque in Orlando, Florida – a Muslim Brotherhood owned and operated property is caught funding terrorism via George Galloway, self admitted Hamas fundraiser and Imam Mahdi Bray, public Hamas supporter.

On June 14, 2009, George Galloway appeared at an event sponsored by the Islamic Society of Central Florida [ISCF]. Also in attendance was Mahdi Bray executive director of the Muslim American Society Freedom Foundation [MASFF] at Imam Muhammad Musri's Al Rahman mosque in Orlando, Florida. The mosque is owned by the North American Islamic Trust [NAIT]. They rose over $55,000 in support of Galloway's Viva Palestina, a Hamas terror finance conduit.

George Galloway, who's Respect Party was defeated in the recent British general elections, lost his parliamentary immunity. In April of 2009, Canadian authorities barred his entry on behalf of Viva Palestina, a registered British charity he co-founded to raise funds for Gaza "humanitarian" convoys in direct support of Hamas. The US State Department did not declare him persona non grata and permitted his entry in the country in May and June of 2009. Galloway used that cover to considerable advantage. Over a period of a year, he was in the US virtually every weekend making appearances at universities such as Ohio State and the University of California at Irvine raising millions for humanitarian aid to be conveyed to the Hamas government via the Viva Palestina convoys.

Using Zakat fund for unholy cause:

Muslim charity Zakat is mandatory for every affluent Muslim, which has to be paid during each of the Arabic years. Zakat is calculated on the basis of net wealth and precious metals possessed by the Muslim for his or his family's use. The amount is one-fortieth of the net value.

According to information, billions of dollars are donated by Muslims to various Islamic charities and individuals every year from as Zakat. For past several years, a significant segment of the fund is used for funding Islamist terrorist groups as well as pro-Jihadist or pro-Islamist media and individuals in the world. Muslims living in the West are also paying their Zakat on a regular basis through the local community mosques or Islamic charities. It is already documented that, major volume of such donations goes for various Islamist terror outfits in the world.

The Holy Land Foundation was the largest Islamic charity in the United States. Headquartered in Richardson, Texas, it was originally known as Occupied Land Fund. In 2007, federal prosecutors brought charges against the organization for funding Hamas and other Islamist terrorist organizations. Prosecutors also named the Council on American-Islamic Relations [CAIR], the Islamic Society of North America [ISNA], and the North American Islamic Trust as unindicted co-conspirators in the case.

Its assets were frozen by the European Union and U.S., and it was shut down by the U.S. government following the discovery that it was funding Hamas. The 2008 trial of the charity leaders was dubbed the "largest terrorism financing prosecution in American history." In 2009, the founders of the organization were given life sentences for "funneling $12 million to Hamas."

According information, collection of Zakat by Islamic Relief USA, the biggest Zakat collector has increased at least 30 percent during 2009-2010 and there is a clear indication of further rise in the coming years.

In the website of Islamic Relief USA, the organization claims, 79 per cent of people in Gaza lives in poverty [a huge lie]; 90 per cent of Palestinian children do not feel safe [false allegation against Israel]; and 120,000 Palestinian workers banned from leaving the area to find work [another false allegation against Israel]. This organization collects US$ 175 per month from the Muslims in United States for "buying for a family in Palestine". It also continues selling ideas of various projects and collects millions of dollars from the Muslims either as Zakat or personal donation.

And interestingly enough, Islamic relief USA runs a project named Al Askar to send money to children in school in 'Palestine'. Meaning of Al Askar is 'Soldier'. So, in other world, this US charitable organization is funding future soldiers for Hamar and other anti-Israel terror outfit.

Commenting on Zakat, President Obama said: "in the United States, rules on charitable giving have made it harder for Muslims to fulfil their religious obligation. That is why I am committed to working with American Muslims to ensure that they can fulfil Zakat"

Humm! Hope we all remember Mr. Obama's sending secret envoy to Hamas! From the above statement it gets clear that the President of United States of America will do everything to ensure that Muslim funding of terrorism will continue smoothly.

School children forced to pray to Allah:

And here is another story from Massachusetts. Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center - Boston's controversial Saudi-funded mega-mosque - during a Wellesley Middle School social studies trip to the mosque, ostensibly taken to learn about the history of Islam first-hand. Yet information reveals that the students were being blatantly mis-educated about Islam. A mosque spokesperson told the children that in Mohammed's 7th century Arabia women were allowed to vote, while in America women only gained that right a hundred years ago. This seems to be an increasingly recurring theme in American schools - the denigration of western civilization and the glorification of Islamic history and values. In fact, just recently, the American Textbook Council revealed that the New York State high school regents exam whitewashes the atrocities that occurred during the imperialistic Islamic conquest of Christian Byzantium, Persia, the African continent, and the Indian subcontinent, even as it demonizes European colonialism in South America.

The mosque spokesperson also taught the students that the only meaning of Jihad in Islam is a personal spiritual struggle, and that Jihad has historically had no relationship with holy war.

I would like to site here one example of a typical seventh grade text book named 'History Alive! The Medieval World and Beyond', produced by the Teacher's Curriculum Institute – despite its name, an aggressive privately held California-based educational publisher – noteworthy for its rapidly expanding popularity amongst textbook buyers. This company claims that its books are adopted in one-third of California's almost one thousand school districts. The book teaches that "Jihad represents the human struggle to overcome difficulties and do things that are pleasing to God. Muslims strive to respond positively to personal difficulties as well as worldly challenges. For instance, they might work to be better people, reform society, or correct injustice."

In another passage meant to explain Jihad, this book said: "Muslims should fulfil jihad with the heart, tongue, and hand. Muslims use the heart in their struggle to resist evil. The tongue may convince others to take up worthy causes, such as funding medical research. Hands may perform good works and correct wrongs."

One chapter in this book teaches adultery lessons on Islam.

Students visiting the mosque, irrespective of their religious identities, were forced to learn to pray to 'Allah' during this trip.

I am personally horrified to know all these things. But I am sure, President Obama isn't. There is possibly no reason to give explanation why he isn't. Let me mention here that, in Islam, killing certain "evil-doers," such as apostates or homosexuals, is a way of "correcting injustice"; overthrowing manmade constitutional orders [democracy] and replacing them with Sharia mandates, and subjugating women and non-Muslims, are ways of "reforming society." Those enforcing all this are, in fact, "better people" — indeed, according to the Koran [3:110], they are "the best of peoples, evolved for mankind, enjoining what is right, forbidding what is wrong," that is, ruling according to Sharia law.

Islamic message in toys:

Since 1998, there are plenty of dolls in United States market as well as some 'games' for children, which teach them Islamic and Jihadist messages as well as verses from Koran. The doll will say "Islam is the light", or "Protect yourself from sins, wear veils". The game toys will recite Koranic verses while the children continue to play various games there. Most of such toys are manufactured in China and sent to Western countries and sold at a subsidized price.

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