Thursday, September 2, 2010

Obama Appeals Arizona Suit to the UN!

Fellow Patriot,

      Just when we thought the federal government's lawsuit against Arizona was beyond the pale, now comes Barack Obama to the United Nations to escalate the fight to an international level! That's right! In the president's historic first report to the U.N. Human Rights Council on the condition of human rights in the United States, Obama had the gumption to bash the state of Arizona to his global elitist pals!

      This is yet another outrage on the spirit of liberty and sovereignty in America, and we cannot - WE MUST NOT STAND FOR IT!!!

      That’s why your help is critical! Patriotic Americans need to forge ahead to help defend Arizona. It’s absolutely vital that American patriots come to the defense of Arizona and stand AGAINST AMNESTY!
If Obama is given a free pass on his "back-door amnesty" and defeats Arizona in court, the face of our country will be forever changed. They will have, in effect, brought into play millions of "instant citizens" with loyalty only to the Obama Democrats, and these "citizens" in turn will, over time, deliver tens of millions of loyalty votes – votes that will keep the Amnesty supporters and their ilk in power for decades to come!

      Patriotic Americans need to help ensure that Arizona defeats Obama in court and to push back against the tide of Amnesty! It's obvious now more than ever that Obama has every intention of destroying our sovereignty and issuing mass Amnesty with his refusal to enforce current federal law. In his report to the United Nations, Obama droned on about flaws in the U.S. Constitution, the evil of slavery, and a cornucopia of American evil before demogoguing about how he is the savior of our nation, freeing us from the chains of human evil in America...

      Later in the "Values and Immigration" section of his report came this admission: that Janet Napolitano's Department of Homeland Security is striving to provide better medical care for illegal immigrant detainees and is working to find "alternatives to detention"! Outrageous!!! I feel that deportation back to their country of origin will satisfy their medical needs. In translation that means that the Obama administration is offering free medical care promised to illegal aliens under ObamaCare even while they're in prison awaiting deportation! Then there's the promise to explore alternatives to detention, which we all know is code for "catch and release"!

      And then finally, Obama delivers the low-blow to Arizona, the only state to stand up to the federal government and dare to fight in federal court for their right to enforce the law...the federal law! Obama writes: "A recent Arizona law, S.B. 1070, has generated significant attention and debate at home and around the world. The issue is being addressed in a court action that argues that the federal government has the authority to set and enforce immigration law. That action is ongoing; parts of the law are currently enjoined."
By referencing the ongoing lawsuit with Arizona, Obama has escalated the Arizona law debate to an international issue by bringing it under the review of the United Nations! As a result of Obama's outrageous report to the UN, the Arizona law will come under formal review and examination on November 5th by the three member countries that control the UN Human Rights Commission: France, Japan, and Cameroon (a radical Islamic nation).

      The UN Commission will then issue directives on what they recommend the United States do in response to the Arizona law! This is unquestionably UNCONSTITUTIONAL and UNACCEPTABLE. The United States can never be bound to the directives of an international body without the consent to treaty by the U.S. Senate!!!


      Under the leadership of Gov. Jan Brewer, Arizona is pushing back against the Obama administration. After Clinton appointee Judge Susan Bolton struck down key provisions of the Arizona law, Gov. Brewer immediately appealed the decision to the 9th Circuit Court. But, as Gov. Brewer pointed out, it's obvious to anyone paying attention that the 9th Circuit is a rubber stamp for Obama's socialist agenda. So this case is going to the Supreme Court...where it should be! This legal battle will cost Arizona millions! What's more, at least 22 other states are already poised to pass similar legislation. This battle is far from over and could join the multi-state suit already filed against ObamaCare as the two fronts in the war against Obama socialism!
      That's why we patriotic Americans are committed to continued efforts to engage, activate, educate, and arm patriots, citizens and candidates through the November election... because the very soul of our republic hangs in the balance.

      Will you help us fight back now? We’re counting on you! Just like we did in 2007 when the Bush administration tried to legalize illegals with their brand of amnesty.

      Americans are supporting the VERY BEST border security candidates for federal office running in Arizona this cycle and since 2005, America has supported in advocacy the efforts of State Senator Russell Pearce and the other sponsors of the AZ legislation! But all our efforts need your vote on November 2!

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