Monday, May 23, 2011

$3 Billion in support for Muslin Brotherhood in Egypt

Dr. Abdel Moneim Abul Futouh

One day after making a historic speech in calling for Israel to give up Jerusalem, President Obama is planning on providing $3 Billion in cash and debt forgiveness to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

On May 19th, President Obama laid out a plan to forgive Egypt of over $1 Billion in debt. This debt forgiveness is on top of the $2 Billion additional funds the Obama administration plans to provide in foreign aid to the Middle Eastern nation.

The gesture by Obama is what his administration and certain left-leaning media figures are describing as part of the “Arab Spring” – the hopeful spreading of democracy throughout the Middle East.

The White House unveiled a $2 billion multiyear economic aid package for Egypt, which officials say would largely shift existing funds. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel prepared to arrive in Washington with a package that he hoped would shift the burden of restarting the peace process to the Palestinians.

After the fall of Mubarak in Egypt over a month ago, several political groups in Egypt have been vying to fill the vacuum of power. The one significant group that has risen to potentially take control over the nation in the coming election is the Muslin Brotherhood. This radical Islamic group could possibly win 70% of the seats available in the legislature according to current polls, and even the office of the Presidency.

Though the Muslim Brotherhood will not appoint a candidate, Egypt's first freely elected president could be a prominent member of the once outlawed group: Dr. Abdel Moneim Abul Futouh. Although technically running as an independent and not formally allied with any party, including the Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice party, he is nonetheless perceived by many Egyptians as part of a Muslim Brotherhood juggernaut on its way to dominating Parliament and possibly capturing the presidency in Egypt's fall elections.

The Muslim Brotherhood has proven ties to terrorism, and has spawned many splinter groups that have performed terror activities around the world. In February, the head of the FBI spoke to a Congressional subcommittee on the threat that the Muslim Brotherhood has in the war on terror.

With this evidence in hand, there is no equivocation that President Obama is intending to provide financial support to known terror groups, and to a government that is more than likely to be run by members tied to a terrorist organization after the coming October elections.

President Obama has done two things with his historic speech Thursday on the Middle East. His goal to force Israel to give up Jerusalem and move back to pre-1967 borders is a massive sea-change to US-Israeli relations, and his programs to provide $3 Billion in foreign aid through cash and debt forgiveness to Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood change the scope entirely on who we are now acknowledging as allies in the Middle East, and the ongoing war on terror.
U.S. Rep. Vern Buchanan

U.S. Rep. Vern Buchanan told Neil Cavuto of Fox news that the U.S. is “absolutely wrong” to give Pakistan another $3 billion in foreign aid after Osama bin Laden was found there.

Buchanan said the U.S. needs to re-examine its financial aid to both Pakistan and Egypt given how much debt the U.S. government is in.

“We can’t continue to buy our friends around the world,” Buchanan said in an interview on FOX Business Network.

Buchanan tells Cavuto all U.S. foreign aid should be re-assessed.

The amazing events in Egypt this year, despite rough sledding for other popular uprisings in nations whose populations are also seeking reform in the Middle East, remain viable for a long march to democracy, a member of the group of 100 that will begin crafting a new constitution for the country said in an exclusive interview.
Egyptian President Anwar Sadat

Dr.Zaher, a prominent professor of urology at Ain Shams University in Cairo, has been in Washington, D.C. attending a medical convention. In a meeting arranged through friends he has known since childhood, Dr. Zaher, once an adviser to Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, said that the main thing now threatening the progress toward democracy in Egypt, and throughout the region, is economic lack.

"Egypt will be bankrupt in six months," he said. The revolution has brought the domestic economy to a standstill as throughout the nation in every factory and business, workers are taking up the spirit of democracy and free speech to suddenly prefer speaking out to working.

As a result, Dr. Zaher said, the transitional Egyptian government has had to dip into its reserves to the tune of $3 billion per month, and at that rate, the reserves will be exhausted in six months. At that point, the population, already deep in poverty, will face starvation, as the government will be unable to continue its program of subsidizing basic food costs.

"Egypt is key to the entire region," he said. "All the rest of the Arab world will imitate what happens in Egypt." He said a successful transformation to democracy there will ensure that democracy eventually comes to the entire region.

He suggested that if the U.S. decided to launch an economic Marshall Plan for the region, that democracy throughout would thrive. Short of that, he said, he hopes the U.S. will come to the immediate aid of Egypt with economic resources, even large donations of basic wheat and bread.

He said that the revolution has been, as reported, a legitimate uprising of the people, led by the young who organized through the social media, including Facebook.

It was not instigated by the Egyptian Army, as some have claimed, in order to prevent Mubarek's son from succeeding him. But the Army took advantage of the opening created by the uprising to achieve that result. When Mubarek ordered the Army to put down the uprisings, the Army refused to obey.

Now, Dr. Zaher believes, the Army has a vested interest in helping to move the nation toward a stable democracy.

By that means, he said, the Army feels it can insure that a small minority of extremists, such as the Muslim Brotherhood, do not seize control of power. Already, he noted, while the Muslim Brotherhood represents less than 10 percent of the population, it is seeking 75 percent participation in drafting the new constitution.

With so much of the population poor and uneducated, a group like the Muslim Brotherhood could wield inordinate power unless firm guarantees of a lawful process toward fair elections and the rule of law are put into place.

Chosen to participate in the group of 100 that begins meeting this weekend to draft a constitution, Dr. Zaher said that he has submitted three progressive proposals modeled on the German constitution, which he said, is very similar to the U.S.'s.

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