Thursday, June 30, 2011


The first steps

Exactley one year ago today That Race Relations began it's journey into the contraversial and un-known. Since that last day June 2010, which began with an article entitled "U.S. immigration law and Arizona," which was and still is a very contraversial topic, which was a very big step in race relations digital life.

Now as a one year old toddler, blessed with all the curiosity of a child looking for something to get into, I will continue to bring cutting edge editorials steeped in

intrigue, wonder and fact, because fiction has never been a strong point of mine, so I wont go there and most folk go to the movies for their monthly dose of the fiction drug.
I have over the course of this past year, met and learned much from the material I've absorbed and been given by you, The People Of This world that have spared their precious time to see what I've been thinking of in my thoughtless moments of my day, and to my amazment, I've been somewhat entertaining and informative for many, the archive tell the story.
Surprize, surprize

I owe a debt of graditude the liberal left. That's right, this is what happens when two seperate but like liberal  ideologies come together and consummate, you get a stanch right leaning conservative that has lived and experience the liberal mind-set. It does not take long for the true conservative soul to rebel from it's liberal surroundings and become a clear and concise thinker.

In this first year of exsistance, I have absorbe both Quran and Hadith looking for the reason why a great race of people wont progress into the 21 century and stay locked in a time of ignorence and cruelty and express a deep desire for the rest of the world to regress and join in their suffering. Now that same region of the world is on fire with the cries of freedom from repression of their leaders.

I have closely examined illegal immigration and the damage it causes our weak employment outlook and the
snarling process of Legal immigrates. to which the liberal left say that there are no such things as "ILLEGAL IMMIGRATES". Funny how how she did that, wouldn't you say, but never mind her, this is about the sites birthday. This is Liberalism at full throttle and it cannot be maid up or spun, I suppose there's a need to have an 'ANTI-FREEDOM" element in the face of freedom, Would you agree to that question? god I hope you don't agree.
The Islamic Caliphate

During this past year we all witnessed a foreign statesman take the leader of the free world to task on boarder security and defenseability, perhaps the 1400 year old threat is close at hand and our leader is simply a facilatator of the caliphate that I pray NEVER happens.

We have also wiotnessed our executive leaders time after time baulk at giving this nation an anual budget and increase the debt limit rather than show a smigion of fiscal responsibility, or, does he dream of an America that bows before small nation leaders?

But it RR's birthday, an nothing can stop the passing of, but we can stop the policies that Will make this nation Insolvent in November 2012, and if you'd like to know what YOU can do to return an responsibily, simply let me and EVERY conservative inform you of the process.

Tomorrow Race Relations will take it's first step in it's second year of exsistance, WILL YOU BE THERE TO HOLD MY HAND AS I TEETER? KEEP ME FROM FALLING?

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