Thursday, January 26, 2012

Identifying The Big Government Mindset

Liberal, Big Government and propagandistic point of view, interestingly, but not surprisingly, has absolutely no free market suggestions or ideas in any of it's plans for America that I have been able to find, anywhere ... none. I do see and hear a-lot of Soros-style “Open Society” stuff, and nonsense about a “need for a new economic model,” and the notion that we are all in the same global pot. This is all bull-crap to me.
 To my mind, the only people with a real and genuine right to complain about the current mess are true Conservatives who have been predicting this collapse and warnings about Keynesian or "Fascist" economics and “Syndicalism Capitalism” since the last Great Depression.

We dissenters have been called lunatics, mean-spirited, uninformed and worse. [Name-calling is the trade of those who can’t think.] After all ...  as FDR famously quipped [I paraphrase],” ... we only owe this money to ourselves.” Well, not any more! 

The spending habits of big government, like Frank-Dodd manipulations of Fannie-Mae/Freddie-Mac and other market redistribution regulations helped create this "New Soft Depression" contrary to what you've been told that it was the fault of Capitalism. Free Market manipulation and regulation by Central Banks and Big Government programs and Labor unions are the problem. Workers are the “everyday heroes”  of this nations economic engine.

I have a few more musings from another point of view. Just call me silly, but is this not all a re-hash of redistributionist Marxism fighting against Fascism? Is this not the old 20th Century “Middle Way” Fascism repackaged for a faux “battle of ideas” with new improved Marxism identified now as the environmentalist protectors of Earth? Only the one side is presented. This is what Obama does too. As long as you want to bring only Socialist ideas to the table, he will discuss them; otherwise, go fish! Red Herring. Shibboleth. Potemkin. “Iceland Spring.” Call it whatever you want. It is brainwashing and deceit at its best. It is the remnant struggle between the “Ancient Regime” with mid-Nineteenth Century “Liberal” [early Marxist-Collectivist] uprisings throughout Europe.

Old reporting of old ideas to cover cyclic events with the same old Marxist-anarchist solutions. It is nothing new under the sun. Still blaming the same villains, still spurring the same dead horse; now there is a new, young generation of deceived people even further removed from the horrendous wars fought by these very same antagonists with very similar results beginning in the 18th century. How anyone can repeat the same mistakes and think that the way out of the mess is the same road on which we came in, i.e., more of the same? Well, who are the crazy ones here?

This is not about economic justice at all. These Elites could care less about “economic justice” [whatever that is]. It is just the old utopian arguments. The real solution to problems involves deconstruction of the Nanny State, a return to sound fiscal discipline, and the removal of many regulations over Free Market Enterprise. That Nanny State” system will die hard in Europe, because we [the USA] pampered and protected Europe for 70 years after World War II to keep them at peace. But, when they get hungry, cold and angry enough there will be some collectivist revolt [Leftists always take it to the streets] Let me bring this fact home to you "Occupy Wall Street".

There will be death, hunger and perhaps a “Thermidor” period for reconstruction where the “winner” swoops in with government “Guardians” to the rescue. They, and we, are still in denial if we buy this stuff. For reasons already known to the perspicacious among us, Americans are being lured to this very same class warfare and welfare strife in America [with a healthy dose of race-baiting thrown in] so that Obama’s  “Fundamental Transformation” can be completed in one term, or have you not been paying attention?
Maurice Strong

Prepare for Obama's re-election campaign. Expect more of them from Big Brother, whether in print format or on the nightly news. It is all very clever collectivist revolutionary propaganda. I’d wager that Maurice Strong and George Soros have some skin in this game ... even if they aren’t mentioned out loud, or interviews, or their ideas discussed in a public context.
George Soros
 I also didn’t notice George Soros or Maurice Strong or Warren Buffet or any other of the world’s wealthiest in the cast of villains that are destroying the economies of nations. Soros has been instrumental in hurting the American markets with his Hedge Fund maneuverings, just as he did before in Britain. There are thousands of profession Hedge Funds and day traders bleeding Mom & Pop investors dry by “shorting” the market and controlling/dominating commodities. When you control or manipulate that much of the capital, there are eventually fewer investors ... just a casual observation.

One might be surprised how many leaders, self-annointeds, and hangers-on would “sell Granny short” in order to be part of the privileged class of apparatchiks. The “Marketeers” and predatory banking interests and elites learned well from Metternich, Napoleon, Hegel, Mussolini, Lenin, Stalin, and Mao how to be ruthless and without conscience for the “greater good”, after all, we have heard our leaders quote and praise these people. 

Still, I am not too much into buying the whole conspiracy thing. This is because I do think these folks operate largely in the open. They tell us what they are doing by their actions. They are careful not to be conspiracists. Some of the involved people could be hapless products of the “Peter Principle but I doubt it.” Most of a Fascist mindset, constructing an “American Syndicalism.” Other, including certain bankers and insurance moguls, are simply greedy or otherwise bottom-lined oriented, or tied in with other bigger entities who have an Open Society world vision several steps removed.

The fact that this big bauble always gets hung around Bush’s neck is largely visual sophistry. George W. Bush is culpable to a much lesser degree than Obama. Obama is but the American instrument in a consortium of power-brokers who pose as philanthropists to redistribute wealth for the Open Society. But the President is not “Mr. Big” here. Still, we could be working our way out of this mess, just as Canada is now doing, if we were not saddled with Obama, Reid and Pelosi and the trillions of dollars sent down the rat hole of Keynesian fictions.  Did we learn anything from the failed New Deal of 1931-1940? Apparently not! This garbage is still being taught as economic salvation in HS and College texts by Leftist teachers and Professors and I know this for a fact, i'm a teacher. Simply amazing.

George Soros: Open Society Faces Chinese Hostility by FORAtv

The Open Society folks have their power and position. They do not realize that the most of the American People still treasure freedom more than security, bread, or circus. Still, we must beware. Civilization is but a thin veneer. That fine line tread between civilization today is maintained not through finance ministers and bankers, but through power brokers like Strong and Soros who bring countries to their knees by leveraging their market savvy into political power to carry out their own vision. When collapse is imminent, they ride on to the rescue posing as wise men. Even certain “Conservative” news outlets continue to report Soros’ thoughts as if he is an oracle. He is not. He and others are playing sorcerer’s apprentice right now. They just think that they know what happens next. They think they are able to keep it from going down the tubes. They can’t play the balancing act and deception forever.

It is up to free-thinking, constitutionally oriented leaders in this next election to point out and lead us back on the path to economic freedom, freedom from bureaucratic domination, freedom from government intimidation, demagoguery and fear mongering. If we are ever going to recover freedom, we had better be able to start viewing all such media programs with a clear thinking mind and a good understanding of our American freedoms, or we are finished. See the Emperor in his new clothes. Modern Liberalism, Socialism and Fascism are not synonymous with Freedom.

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