Friday, March 16, 2012

Barack Obama: The Anti-Truth

Is It True, You Can Tell When I'm Lying?

Barack Obama, as a world-class liar, has come to the top in the list of the greatest lies ever told. Move over such old staples as, “Your check is in the mail,” and “I’m from the government and I’m here to help you.

The lies bursting forth from one of the great world-class liars are so numerous and extraordinary that it is impossible to rank the top ten or twenty. They all deserve first place recognition. This op-ed will discussed some of the more noteworthy Obama lies, such as the first few listed among the long list of the greatest lies ever told.

William Ayres [the unrepentant terrorist] was only a guy in the neighborhood.” Ayres it turns out was in fact a close collaborator, friend, and associate. But that should surprise no one as Obama seems to have attracted a list of friends, associates and collaborators that come closer to the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted List than to what you would expect a candidate for president to be running with.
Rev. Jeremiah Wright

Or how about Obama’s claim that he didn’t know what Rev. Jeremiah “God Damn America” Wright stood for. When it comes to lies this has to be almost first place among equals. Obama sat in Wright’s church for 20 years, sought him out because he was a political activist, worked with him, and took the title of his book from one of his sermons, and on and on. If that doesn’t prove Obama’s a liar and can’t be trusted, I don’t know what will.

One of Obama’s signature lines is that ninety-five percent of Americans will cut tax cuts or at least avoid tax increases. That means if your income is less than $250,000 a year you’re in good shape. But now we’ve  heard Joe Biden that the figure is $150,000 and on occasions Obama's people have used $200,000. You can be sure this is a lie, as the Obama people know you can’t pay for the $700 million bailout, tack on another trillion dollars in new spending, give everybody health care, and adopt all kinds of other new spending programs, and still cut all those tax rates. It sounds too good to be true, and it is too good to be true. It is a lie, pure and simple, and all too typical of the campaign. Before believing that lie, consider his record.

He's stated and voted in favor of raising taxes on those with income as low as $42,000. There’s another reason Obama knows it won’t work, he wants to “soak the rich” and “spread the wealth around.” That’s his terminology for taxing small business, big business, investors and entrepreneurs out of existence. They are the engines of prosperity and job creation. When you start raising the capital gains tax rate, the dividend tax rate, and the rates on small business entrepreneurs and when you insist on a corporate tax rate that is now the highest in the world, and then slap on windfall taxes, higher payroll taxes for some, and other taxes, you kill the goose that lays the golden egg. When you make the risk benefit ratio look much less attractive, when the benefits go down as the tax rate goes up, business can't afford to play the game.

 Whether you call this socialism, Marxism, or something else, the button line is the same: Our engine of job growth and prosperity slows down big time under the Obama tax plan, and we all pay the big time price tax for such reckless policies, made all the more reckless by their application in bad economic times. You learn in Economics 101 not to raise taxes in an economic turn down. So, of course, Obama wants to raise taxes in the teeth of a recession.

Here’s another slick Obama lie. It is slick as it seems to be truthful, but it carries a message Obama and his campaign know to be false. He says 98 percent of small businesses make less than $250,000 and so his tax plan won’t adversely impact small business. The lie is in the details. Twenty-one of the 27 million small businesses don’t even have employees. But when you take the small businesses with income of over $250,000 you’re talking about 70 percent of all small business income. So his tax plan, despite the misleading and meaningless statistic relied on, will severely impact Joe “The Plumber” and most small businesses that provide the jobs and economic prosperity we need. Because of this ill-conceived tax, small business will raise prices, cut back on employment, or not create new jobs.

Here’s the all-time Obama foreign policy lie: Iran is just a tiny country and not a real threat. Well, maybe that’s not a lie. Maybe it’s just an untrue statement that Obama actually believes. But if that’s the case, it’s an even more damning indictment of the foreign policy views of Obama. His advisors eventually told him his statement was ridiculous and he retracted it. But a president can’t take two or three passes to get it right. On foreign policy, Obama (when without his teleprompter and 200 foreign policy advisors), gets it wrong the first or second time around, and then eventually gets it right.

Another signature line is that Obama will bring change, change you can believe in, and all that shit. Obama represents and has always been an extremist, radical, left-wing liberal Democrat and would revive all the rejected and failed policies of the Democratic Party, most notably more taxes, more spending, bigger government, more onerous regulation, and a weaker military and timid and ineffectual foreign policy. That’s not change. It just the same old Democratic stuff repackaged with fancy rhetoric.

Here’s an Obama lie that has to be considered one of the biggest if not the biggest lies of the campaign. That lie is that George W. Bush and the Republican Party are responsible for the present financial crisis because of their stance on deregulation. In fact, Bush and the Republican Party wanted to put an end to the abuses at Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac, which were making unsound mortgages in an ill-founded and dangerous plan to make housing affordable for even the credit unworthy. Bush issued warnings and proposed remedial legislation. Who told us all was well and went along with the status quo that was heading toward catastrophe: The Democratic Party, spearheaded by Senator Chris Dodd (who took a sweetheart loan from one of the mortgage companies in on the gravy, that some might view as a bribe), and Rep. Barney Frank who reassured everyone as recently as June 2008 that all was well at Fannie and Freddy. And what was Senator Barack Obama’s role? He was raking in political contributions from those connected with Fannie and Freddy. In fact, he was second only to Chris Dodd, but in terms of contributions per year he got more tainted money from Fannie and Freddy connections than anyone in the Senate. The irony and tragedy is that the Republicans and Bush are being blamed for the financial meltdown that was brought upon us by the improper, shortsighted, unethical activity of the Democratic Party, and Democratic legislators such as Dodd, Frank and Obama.

Another classic lie is that Obama is a centrist. He tries to portray himself as a moderate and a great compromiser. In fact, he is an extremist, a radical, a socialist, a Marxist, and a highly partisan legislator. His proposals are to the far left. His voting is to the far left. And his administration will be to the far left. He is the most liberal member of the Senate, followed by socialist Bernie Sanders in second place on the most liberal list, and then followed by Senator Biden in third place. This is probably the most liberal ticket in the history of presidential politics.

Still another classic lie is that he is non-partisan. He has never reached across the aisle and worked with the other party on any issue of real significance. He is and has always been a hardline, leftist, extremist, and radical. There isn’t a non-partisan bone in his record. That quality is reserved for speeches only.

Obama constantly harps he wants to help the middle class. That’s his rhetoric but his record turns that statement into a lie. That’s because he’s never done anything for the middle class but talk.

One of his most vicious lies was made right after Russia launched its illegal aggression against neighboring Georgia. Obama’s comment included a statement that we’d have more credibility in such matters if we “set a better example.” This suggested that our internationally sanctioned liberation of Iraq from Saddam Hussein was somehow a bad example, and that detracted from our ability to protest Russia’s aggression against Georgia. Obama knows better. America has set the best example in the history of the world for using its treasure and blood to help others, to free others, and to fight for the rights and freedom of others. We saved Europe and the world from Nazism, communism, and Japanese imperialism. We rebuilt our defeated enemies after World War II. We have sent endless aid to other nations and regions after national disasters. We are responsible for one of the great humanitarian projects to fight the AIDS epidemic in Africa. We have given the whole world the benefit of our endless inventions to improve the health and welfare of all from medical advances of all kinds to the invention of all kinds of technology. We are indeed the golden city on the hill that pours forth the endless benefits of our system of freedom and liberty to all of our citizens and the rest of the world. So where does Barack Obama who has had every advantage of our system, come to complain about the example we set?
public financing 

One of Obama’s biggest lies is his pledge and promise to take public financing of elections. He broke his promise in a minute, as soon as he saw that private rather than public financing would bring his campaign more money. McCain kept his promise. Obama’s promise breaking is especially significant for several reasons. First, he is breaking his promises even before the election. WOW, after the election he’ll break them even faster. Second, public financing was one of his key tenets, but it went under the bus as soon as Obama saw it wasn’t expedient at the moment. Third, he went into his usual disingenuous spin to try to excuse himself and lie himself out of it, suggesting that his version of private financing was in effect public financing because so many contributions came from small donors. He breaks his promise and then tells a ridiculous lie to excuse his breaking that promise. How good is his promise to hold the line on taxes of everyone making less than $250,000? What are any of his promises worth?
Rashid Khalidi and Obama 

Obama claims he is a friend of Israel. Yet he honors and gets grant money for Rashid Khalidi and his organization, knowing that Khalidi is a virulently anti-Israel operative with links to terrorist organizations. He attended a going-away party for Khalidi, an Arafat associate, along with unrepentant terrorist William Ayres and pays tribute to Khalidi. At that party, Obama sits around and listens to all kinds of anti-Israel speeches. Khalidi also held a fund-raiser for Obama and was often his dinner companion. Investor’s Business Daily on its web site, (October 27, 2008) concluded, “This should be enough for Obama supporters who stand behind Israel to rethink their vote. Those concerned about honesty and integrity should do the same, since Obama has sworn to be a friend of Israel.” When confronted with this, Obama will probably say (as he did in the case of terrorist Ayers) that he is just a guy in the neighborhood. Incidentally, the Los Angeles Times has a tape of the Khalidi going away party, an Israel-bashing session in which Obama participated. The Times has refused to release the tape, in keeping with the mainstream media’s campaign to sell Obama and keep the truth from the public. For that reason, you can be sure Obama is a hundred times more dangerous and unqualified than portrayed by the mainstream media. Obama also attended Rev. Jeremiah “God Damn America” Wright’s church. Wright was and is well known for his speaking and writing was often laced with anti-Israel commentary. Obama says he’s a friend of Israel, but if he were would he be supporting, working with, and praising a stable of anti-Israel, anti-Semitic friends?

One of the cruelest lies of the Obama campaign was the claim that McCain is out of touch because he doesn’t make a lot of use of the computer. He doesn’t because of war injuries.

There are many other Obama campaign spots that depend on lies. For example, one suggested that McCain was willing to stay and fight in Iraq for 100 years. McCain had simply made the point that, as for example, in Germany we still have troops there over 60 years after the end of World War II. So that’s entirely different than fighting a 60 year or a 100 year war.
Joe Biden 

I won’t even get into the whopping lies from Joe Biden, as that would require a 30-volume encyclopedia. I will mention that he said in the now famous Florida satellite interview that Obama didn’t say he wants to “spread the wealth around.” He did say that and he said much worse in the now famous 2001 interview in which he says one of the great failures of the civil rights movement was its failure to get more redistributive justice, i.e., spreading the wealth around.

I could go on, but remember this is only a small sample of Obama lies proving his basic dishonesty and proving he is unfit for high office. Remember also that he has not been vetted by the mainstream media, and even when it made feeble attempts to do so he usually stonewalled or brushed aside the questions. We don’t know enough about him to even consider him seriously a second go around?

 But we do know enough about him to compel a vote against him.


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