Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Have You Figured Him Out Yet?

Obama is not the man many Americans think he is. Whether you want to believe it or not he has successfully transformed American politics.

The sheer audacity of the successful operation against the American constitution has forced Obama's friends and foes alike to reassess what they make of a chief executive who defies easy categorization and reveals less about himself than politicians are typically drawn to do.
My simple observation is that the United States is going to hell in a hand basket- courtesy of a grisly cast of characters. Barack Obama is my primary source of utter mistrust and he is certainly not alone.
The people have to smarten up and see this person for who hereally is. This person is a Pandora’s Box of all things evil, yet most can’t see past healthcare and greenhouse gases. Look deeper, look into his past
This person who lied, cheated and deceived his way into the White House is best described as traitor, charlatan and definitely enemy of US and the free world. Like a fart in a crowded elevator, right out of nowhere, the presidents mysterious origins complete with huge, huge backing in a financial sense but furthermore in a strange, almost twilight zone sense of illusions, mystery, trickery, forgery and deceit. His birth documents displayed online are not a true birth certificate, but in fact that document came from companies that offer services much as a company similar to VitalChek would.

Obama in an Indonesian Madressa
No one can show a single picture of this citizen imposter that proves any of his history, no one with any credibility remembers him, we cannot see his school records and we don’t have any little footprints and hand prints like they used to do back in the early sixties on children. We don’t have any driver’s licenses, bus passes, library cards, prom photos well except for the photos from the Indonesian Madressa where the little Muslim learned to hate the free people in this world. All we can trace is that he hung around with communist scum, anti-US militant types and terrorists.
Definitely a remote implant into our American political system, being run by a secret cast of grisly puppeteers who to date remain nameless yet if you watch the benefactors of his actions, it allows you a host of potential puppet masters to pick from.  In a world where money and power can mold any outrageous conspiracy into grim reality, anything is possible. The US political system has long been corrupted and is not the safe, democratic model for the republic that it was originally intended to be. We have proven this time and time again. The office of the president is simply an oval stage where the front man sits, while the true powers that be remain hidden behind the curtain. As the marks in this well planned debacle, all we get to see is the front man in this scam, the Wiz.
I am convinced that the only reason this socialist traitor to the US was able to slither into the White house nest is simply because everyone was tired of George Bush & Company and in reality, anyone who knew how to utilize social media, social networking and could appeal to the social malcontents could have run for president and beat out the Republicans. Under normal circumstances Obama wouldn’t have made it into office. But in the middle of two Middle East conflicts with troops being killed, the economy sliding quickly into the toilet, terrorist threats, high fuel prices and just about anything else that could be going wrong was going wrong, anything can happen. Thus it did happen.
Reality is that a good portion of the people thought anything polar opposite of Bush might be worthwhile, all the way down to skin color. Then you dump in corrupt groups like ACORN, the little Obama troops he had campaigning on the streets, black celebrities, the various scumbag Muslim organizations here in the US, the ghetto members of society who think all good things come from the government, our young people who are pretty much clueless about real life outside of daddy’s house or the university who suddenly became experts on life and world in general, the elderly who Bush had shafted on medical benefits- well unfortunately this adds up to enough votes to get even ass clowns like Obama into the White house. Only proves that shit, does indeed happen.
To watch Americans put a known socialist and communist into power only proves that the vote and logic was severely tainted. Obama didn’t win by decision, he won by deceit. This thug wearing a suit hasn’t told the truth about anything since he popped into on the political scene out of nowhere.

He is a protégé of the racist Reverend Jeremiah Wright, the American hating, white people hating big mouthed Negro racist which in itself should shed more insight into this anti-American that wormed his way into the oval office. Of course he quickly distanced himself from the mouthy Negro racist reverend and people bought his excuses and lies on that entire matter. Bottom line is, Obama was a member of that church, until public opinion swayed him into misaligning himself from it.
Obama’s reign only proves that there are indeed some truly uninformed people in this country.  I’m beginning to think that the legal age to vote should be moved to age 21 (the majority of our 18-21 year olds today, especially in college and university are a disappointment when it comes to reality and logical thinking) and perhaps there should be a simple test that the voter should have to pass before he or she is let into the booth to do serious damage. 

Democrat Voter Struggling With Literacy Test
Perhaps some level of literacy should be required, and some recent record of employment along with a utility bill in their name or a rent receipt or receipt for a mortgage payment or a paid off home and as well, we investigate if they are on welfare and haven’t ever had a job – which would basically eliminate anyfurther voters for Obama. In other words, only people that are responsible, productive, tax paying members of society should have anything to say about how this country is run and who will run it. That would certainly improve the current broken voting system.
Besides, if the working people of America have been paying all your bills along with your rent and food since you could walk, then I’m not overly concerned with what you think. And I’m not talking about people that worked hard all their life and just hit some hard times. I’m talking about the ones that never had a job, have 2 or 3 “baby daddy’s” and squirt out children with no shame because they get a bigger welfare check for each one they bring into this world on our tab. These malcontents and disenchanted ones are the very core of the Obama citizen support and voters. But, hey, they did get a government cell phone out of the deal with more than just emergency dialing capabilities, so why not give your vote to the Kenyan in the White House.
The entire voting process in America is a joke. It really doesn’t matter who you vote for because there is this mysterious entity named the “Electoral College” that decides who is going to occupy the White House anyway. In any other democratic country in the world, the actual votes are counted and the votes directly elect the official, however, in the US, the Electoral College determines what the people want or better yet, what the Electoral College think the people need. In the last election I guess they thought the people of the US needed to be bent over a table- and did just that. The voting group has been a source of argument and debate for some time, primarily because it isn’t 100% accurate especially in the latitude and leeway it gives “swing states” and should, in the interest of the voting public be disbanded and done away with.
Let’s look at another very methodically sinister side of Barack Hussein Obama, the Muslim. More than that, we have a Muslim in charge of the most powerful country in the world. A Muslim that has used the office of the President, his authority and the military resources of the United States to help build the Islamic Caliphate, the long sought after single Islamic entity, where all Muslims are together under one rule. Obama thinks he has the right, the authority and the power to tell leaders of other countries to step down so that the inmates can be in charge of the asylum.
He helped topple Egypt’s government, turning the country over to the Muslim Brotherhood or to their chosen minions. The country is still in turmoil. Obama then went after Libya and turned that country over to al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood. Al Qaeda was actually assisted by NATO forces in taking over Libya. Look at the flags on buildings and being flown throughout Libya. There is a distinct and undeniable al Qaeda presence throughout the country now and we helped put them there.  Now we are threatening Syria with the same fate.
The issue I have is that although these countries may have had bad guys running them, they were the preferred bad guys as they kept elements such as al Qaeda and other Islamic terrorist entities in line, under control. Now, without these leaders in place, the countries are in turmoil and will remain so until someone steps up and offers to be their leader; and after Syria falls, Jordan, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia will be next in the four year re-election plan toppling of leaders, the Islamic Obaminoes game.
Last man standing will probably be Iran as Obama conveniently keeps Israel at bay from reducing them to rubble, and Iran will pull these Islamic countries in distress up under its umbrella, either by force or some Islamic call to the Caliphate, and we will be looking at billions of militant Muslims all being led by the most deadly Islamic regime imaginable, that being Iran. A nuclear armed Iran because Obama has let them arm themselves and has done absolutely nothing about Iran, because truth be known, he is in bed with Iran- as Obama is a devout Muslim with a questionable  and obviously manufactured background, no provable history and questionable financing for his sudden rise from punk to President.
Am I crazy? No, not even close. You do the math. You move the chess pieces around in a recent past, current and futuristic game of world power between the good guys and the bad guys. What do you come up with?
Why is the US still just as dependent on Middle Eastern oil as it ever was, four years after promises were made to get off the Middle Eastern oil nipple by Barack Hussein Obama?
Why isn’t the US purchasing every drop of oil it can from its northern neighbor to help get off the ME oil nipple? Obama has tossed up a lot of roadblocks to bringing more Canadian oil into the US which would help cut the US dependency on Middle Eastern crude.
Why has there been several “suggestions” by Obama Democrats that the 2012 elections should be postponed for various reasons? Why do I smell a terrorist attack on US soil, massive market crash or other national/international disaster coming pre-election to be used to postpone the election?
Why does the US want to engage in peace talks with the Taliban in Afghanistan? Are you kidding me? This must be an Islamic thing straight from the White House.
Why is Sharia Law showing its face in the US Judicial system as it did in Pennsylvania? Why is Judge Martin still on the bench? Why was Sharia law used as the precedent over US law?
Note** This Islamic adherence to Sharia law must explain why Obama has no regard for the US Supreme Court, since he as a Muslim would only believe in Sharia law and would deem the US Supreme Court as nothing more than a council of infidels.
There are more questions than there are answers in the Obama puzzle. My advice is keep putting the pieces where they fit as the end game picture will become obvious, and click the link below and watch the Documentary 2016 Obama's America.


  1. Yes Bobby I saw the movie 2016.Think we can safely say that obama's dream is to create an America his father wanted.Some sort of mental desire to connect with him. Well, obama if your father had ever wanted you, you would have been with him. Personally, I think your father hated you and your mother. After all, the one thing your father did teach was his hate of the white man.Remember, you're half white and your was all in.

  2. As usual, you have outdone yourself. If your blogs have not opened the eyes of anyone else, it has certainly opened mine. Despite the fact that I have read or figured out by myself almost everything you have written or said, I am still in awe of your literary skills and the way you use your pen. I am truly glad that computers are popular and anyone anywhere can read and adhere your words of wisdom as written here. Yes, I am already familiar with the movie but will gladly watch it again on your link. You are quick thinking and need to have a movement other than blogging going. I LOVE YOUR POSTS!!!! iTz Ur GirL...I HOPE U KNOW.