Thursday, September 6, 2012

I Am A Racist

Me And My RACIST Bird  "KFC"

RACISM, What is it? Hatred, of the different types of people. What does it mean? Cruel and subordinate treatment towards those in the minority. Who does it effect? Anyone not in the majority or the ruling class. And, Is it still around? You bet your ass it is.

Eventually, you know I had to do another op-eds on this topic because it no-longer means what it did 35 to 400 years ago. It now has become something far different from its inception.

In this election season it has lost its identification with the hue of skin color, if you're WHITE. Because since 2009, anyone not some off color of the visible light spectrum is now the SUBSERVENT, that means you're in deep trouble, IF YOU'RE WHITE.

Until the day President Obama was elected to office, it was if you were white, you were in the majority, that's no-longer the case. No one has ever seen politics so charged on the issue of race, from bloggers, commentators, liberal news media and, even me, with myself proclamation as "The Black Conservative", It’s almost impossible to be a conservative and not be called a racist. Seems it just comes with the territory. It is now politically incorrect for a white man to criticize a black man, but put that shoe on the other foot and racism takes on a new meaning. But just so you know exactly what I’m talking about, here is an example of just what it is that I’m trying to convey.

The American economy is in tatters. Unemployment is consistently over 8% and this president has ignored not only the spirit of the constitution but the letter of it. It is his Attorney General who stands in contempt of Congress for failing to turn over documents that were subpoenaed in the Fast & Furious scandal. It is this president who supported him in his disdain for the people’s representatives.

I’m a racist because Spike Lee and Michael Moore tell me I’m a racist. These are the same celebrities who in different televised interviews admitted that President Obama has not delivered on his promises but they would vote for the president anyway. Why? Simply because of President Obama’s race. I’m a racist because I believe in evaluating on a person’s record rather than their skin color.

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz

I am a racist because I am offended that this president promised “change you can believe in” but has demonstrated in this election campaign the worst gutter politics of any party on either the right or the left. I’m a racist because I do not support a president who happens to be black because one of his key political supporters admitted on CNN that it doesn’t matter that she deliberately misquoted the Los Angeles Times in a fund raising letter to the American People. I’m a racist because that lack of ethics and integrity matters to me.

I am a racist because I demand and expect all citizens regardless of race, culture, language or heritage to be treated identically under the law. I am a racist because I condemn female gender mutilation, abortion being used to get rid of unwanted female fetuses by some whose culture is highly paternalistic and refuse to accept the right of some cultures to impose their system of law, their values or their faith on others.

I am a racist because I recognize that government does not create wealth or jobs, it undermines both and promoting class conflict as many politicians do these days is nothing more than a cynical strategy to divide the electorate and win votes.

I am a
 racist because I recognize that the Conservative Party has not been fined, charged or convicted of any ethical breach of the rules or the law during that same period. Even in the fast and furious scandal.
I am a racist because I believe that there are too many entitlements for those who don't need them and not enough real support for the working poor. I am a racist because I believe it is a disgrace to demand free tuition, public sector and union salary increases when there are people sleeping in our streets and children going to bed hungry. I am a racist because I believe that 'treating' ourselves to more entitlements using borrowed money is the road to economic ruin and I am a racist because I believe in less government not more government control of our families and our individual lives.

I am a anti-women racist because I believe that abortion is a highly personal decision that should never be easy for anyone and that the father and the fetus both have rights. 

I am a homophobic racist because I think that pride parades and other outrageous behavior are both unnecessary and insulting. I am a homophobic racist because I fail to see how promoting, or how different it is, the gay and lesbian community expects to be accepted as a normal part of our society, to them I say you can keep your strange and un-natural life style away from me and mine and don’t ask me for shit.

I am proud that I understand that the success of any society is built on the success of the individuals that comprise it and that there is no self-respect or sense of accomplishment to be found in living off paltry government handouts or penalizing others for being successful.

I am happy to be called a racist by those who lack the intellectual ability to fairly evaluate others based on a consistent set of values but who are quick to condemn those who do not agree with them while being slow to condemn the performance and ethical violations of those they support..

We are divided into left and right, not by choice but by blind stupidity. We have traded away our values for entitlements and to willfully embrace politically correct illusions of principled values. Voting for a failed politician simply because he is black is every bit as racist as voting against a successful politician for the same reason.

I am an American, and I will not support Barack Obama based solely on his record, but rather his broken promise to deliver change in which we could believe. I cannot support a xenophobic political party that tramples and restricts the rights of fellow citizens in the name of cultural purity and I have no respect for those who condemn others based on ideology while supporting those who do the very things they condemn. I am even more proud to be called racist by people to lazy to inform themselves and who follow like sheep without thought or application of their own personal values.

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Not only am I a racist, but I hate black people so much I’d rather be governed by the three stooges, arguably the most imbecilic men of modern times, than a black person. Don’t laugh at me. Don’t criticize. Because I suspect this wasn’t an indictment only of me, but of every conservative who dares to speak out against Barack Obama’s policies.

According to the left, you are a racist simply because you are conservative.
I understand the political left playbook. It goes like this:
I criticize Obama.
The left calls me a racist.
I back off because I care about my reputation.
Then I apologize.
Hmm, I don’t like this drill.
I’ve been telling you for years now that I’m a racist when I started writing about the Obama administration two years ago. I suspect some of the more perceptive among you are beginning to doubt my claim, but it’s true. You give a racist a college degree, an yer just askin’ fer trouble. To misquote Steve Martin in his farcical movie-comedy The Jerk, “I was born a poor, black child. Of course, that was fifty-three years ago and I haven’t changed all that much. I was raised in the town of Santa Monica California. So, now, when the left assails me with baseless cries of “Racist! Racist! Racist!” I just bow my head and laugh, because I don’t play by their rules, They go something like this:
I criticize Obama.
The left calls me a racist.
I remain secure in who I am.
I counter-attack.
As conservatives we need to be secure in who we are as people, secure with our views, our beliefs and with who we are as human beings. Most importantly, we no longer have the luxury of surrender. This is a war – not a race war – but a war on our freedom.
So, the next time you criticize Obama and someone calls you a racist, just smile and stay the course. 

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