Thursday, October 4, 2012

Time To Leave The Plantation

Democrat Party

Bishop E. W. Jackson
Bishop E. W. Jackson unapologetically said it was time for black Americans to take a stand for what is right and called for a mass exodus from the Democrat Party due to the "irreconcilable conflict" between what the Democrat Party represents and their faith in God.

Regrettably, the Democrat Party has drawn a line in the sand forcing Christians of all colors to decide whether they will stand for their faith or against it if they stay in a party that blasphemes God when giving standing ovations for platform planks like same-sex marriage and abortions. Divorcing the Democrat Party has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with "saving a generation" as Bishop Jackson said during his speech.

Realistically speaking, it truly is, considering the damage done to the black race via abortions thanks to the Planned Parenthood organization Democrats enshrine.


Margaret Sanger Speaking To KKK
Democrat hero and founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, was racist to her very core; Sanger was photographed at KKK meetings sharing her dream to rid the planet of society's "undesirables." Liberals do their best to spin facts, but there really is no coincidence black population has decreased in large cities where Sanger's clinics are planted. Even President Obama said unplanned children are punishments, that’s what he said

Hey Barack, unplanned pregnancies are children, not punishments.

Even still, there are those who cannot see beyond the freebies Democrats indiscriminately toss to them. Listening to the rants of a black Ohio woman over the weekend singing the praises of a party and president she hasn't a clue is taking advantage of her disadvantages reminded me that bigotry has a new face that looks nothing like an elephant and an awful lot like a donkey. 

Though she meant well, her words are an indictment on everything that is wrong with a party gone awry. Here, in her own unabridged and unedited words, is why she's voting for Obama:"Everyone in Cleveland, low minority got Obamaphone...keep Obama in know, he gave us a phone; he gone do more." When asked how, specifically, she qualified to get her tremendously special Obamaphone she answered, "You sign up, if you on food stamps, you on social security, you got low-income, you on disability."

Martin Luther King (MLK) would roll over in his grave to see the state of his people today, who, for an Obamaphone, have sold their souls to a devilish lie that entitlements are free. King's pivotal words "Free at last, free at last" have become "free stuff at last, free stuff at last."

Despite the color of his skin President Obama's job creation policies have been no friend to minorities generally, and blacks specifically. A recent Bureau of Labor Statistics report found black and Latino unemployment numbers continue to lead the pack and remain dangerously elevated.

With all the evidence stacked against them, Democrats continue to label Republicans as racists with ridiculous statements that a vote for a Republican would be a vote to end civil rights, entitlements, and the MLK holiday. Even our beloved Vice President said Mitt Romney would "put ya'll back in chains." 


Mia Love
It is as if Democrats quietly believe blacks cannot reason or care for themselves and excuse those like the black Mayor of Saratoga Springs, Utah, Mia Love, as anomalies. Many liberal networks blacked-out Love's speech at the Republican National Convention telling a compelling story of self-reliance as the daughter of conservative immigrants. 

Before the night was over liberal bloggers had labeled Love a "worthless whore," an "Auntie Tom," and "house nigger", once again displaying an "irreconcilable conflict" between a party and its people who deserve much better.

The Democratic party is a party of racism. The harder they point the finger at the GOP with accusations of racism the more painfully obvious it becomes. Democrats are race obsessed. And why shouldn't they be? It worked last election. Obama was elected solely based on his race. He was supposed to represent a finale to the civil rights movement; to prove to the country that we've finally moved beyond the days of slavery and segregation. “Look how progressive we are; how far we've come. We elected an African American to be our president”. Never mind the nation didn't know a thing about him at the time. He was charming and slick. And black. And that was all that matter.

However, we know him a little better now. We've observed his attack on religious freedoms, his inability to grasp the most basic concepts of financial prudence, his cronyism, his sympathy to Muslims, and his contempt for the unborn to the extremist extents. So naturally, when held up to scrutiny, Obama must return to the old working strategy of racism if he hopes to be re-elected.

So here we are again, facing another presidential election where Democrats have effectively divided the nation into Minority Groups V. Big-Bad-Rich-White-People. This is a genius and alternately lazy debating tactic. Genius because the focus has been turned around, yet again, on race and deflected off of Obama’s glaring failures. It’s lazy, in that name calling and emotionally charged rhetoric is next to impossible to logically debate. Race is the perfect Straw Man.

How exactly are the Democrats playing the race card? With rousing games of “Look at all the white folks at the Republican National Convention – I knew they were racists”.

What else does the mainstream media, that bastion of liberal bias, do when they aren’t editing out speeches by articulate minorities… why make racist off color jokes about throwing parties while black people drown and race baiting.
But wait, there’s more.

Did you know that if you an well spoken and educated African American you are an Uncle Tom, or in Mia Love’s case, an Aunt Tom and a “house nigger”? Apparently being educated and articulate are not suppose to be characteristics of minority groups. And if you are a black women you’re supposed to be a Democrat by default; if you’re not then you must be a race traitor. How does that thinking leave room for forming individual ideas and beliefs and respecting those ideas and beliefs that may be different from our own? Oh, it doesn’t. Who are the racists again?

And finally, a single race does not collectively think and vote the same way. Just as not all African American’s are democrats, neither are all Hispanics. There is no “Hispanic vote” to be bought with insulting promises of amnesty. That’s stereotyping. It implies that Hispanic’s only political concern is immigration… because, you know, you must be illegal or have an illegal family member or something.

When you have a person who cannot look past another person’s race, who consistently stereotypes based on that race, and treats that person with hostility when they don’t conform to that perception; you have a person who practices racism. You have the Democratic party.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

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  1. It never ceases to amaze me how very astute you are as a writer Mr. Greer. Once again,you have accurately seen the truth and let your words tell the story. Excellent my friend. Just in case I haven't told you lately, I'm more than proud to call you my friend.