Tuesday, January 15, 2013

BROKE: Glenn Beck Book Of The Day


Keep in mind that this book was published on 10/16/11, one month before Beck admitted complete ignorance "with the economy." Chapter 1 is entitled "Ancient History, Modern Lessons," and that misrepresents the overall subject of the first chapter which is how past empires can serve as a warning to our current status as the world's remaining superpower and hegemonic state.

This isn’t exactly a new theme for an American economic calamity for several years. The irony is that his “Plan” now places the blame for our dilemma on the American people. Once you see what we’re really up against, it’s much easier to develop a realistic plan. To fix ourselves financially, Glenn argues, we have to fix ourselves first. That means some serious introspection and, ultimately, a series of actions that will unite all Americans around the concept of shared sacrifice.

We are the problem. And to fix it Beck has suddenly adopted the notion of shared sacrifice, a concept he previously regarded as abhorrent and a product of the socialistic ideology that he believes diminishes individual freedom and responsibility. Furthermore, his own philosophy is one that advocates allowing our economic system to crash and burn. Again, a concept he previously reviled as the Cloward/Piven strategy. He asserts that we are beyond the point of no return and must abandon all measures to stimulate growth and create jobs. Let the bottom fall out, cower in your bunker with your Survival Seeds and gold coins. Cling to your God and guns and, if your faith is strong enough, you will be redeemed by some miracle from above.

Our nation is financially broke, but that’s just a side effect of our broken spirit, our broken faith in government, the broken promises by our leaders, and a broken political system that has centralized power at the expense of individual rights. How did we get into this mess? Glenn Beck thinks the answer is pretty simple: Because we’ve turned our backs on the Constitution.

Few of us have ever seen the whole picture, and politicians have done everything in their power to hide the truth. Broke exposes what we’re really facing—and how to fix it. Packed with great stories from history, invaluable teachable moments, and Glenn Beck’s trademark combination of entertainment and enlightenment, Broke makes the case that when you’re traveling in the wrong direction, slight course corrections won’t cut it—you need to take drastic action. 

Through a return to individual rights, an uncompromising adherence to the Constitution, and a complete rethinking about the role of government in a free society, Glenn exposes the idea of “transformation” for the progressive smokescreen that it is, and instead builds a compelling case that restoration is the only way forward. With this awareness, it’s much easier to develop a realistic plan for uniting all Americans around the concept of shared sacrifice. After all, this generation may not be asked to storm beaches, but we are being asked to do something just as critical to preserving freedom.


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