Thursday, December 23, 2010

Muslim call to prayer

This may surprise some. In my neighborhood in New York City (not in Brooklyn) the local mosque also broadcasts their calls to prayer over a loud speaker. I can hear it, and so can many of the Christians who live around me.

I can’t really say why, but I’ve never been offended or worried. I guess it’s just always seemed to me as part of their service. I would hope that if someone who walks by my church and hears our Christian music when we have the door open wouldn’t be upset. I know it’s not exactly the same — we’re not broadcasting our music on a loud speaker — but it will do for now.

And to Meredith’s question about carols being broadcast in the neighborhood: believe it or not, a neighborhood/shopping district near me actually does this. I meant to take a video and post it earlier, and I still may, but I was absolutely floored when I heard it. And they aren’t just “holiday” carols — they are full blown “Jesus is born” carols, belted over loud speakers attached to telephone polls.

Just thought I’d share my experience in a different New York neighborhood.

This is a blog by aperson that is ever so slowly accepting Islam. The Christians in that neighborhood are not allowed to show any relious symbols of any kind accept those of Islam. This is SUBVERSION, no matter how one may spell it. http://

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