Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Smashing Capitalism

Here comes socialism’s spear carrier herself, Barbara Ehrenreich, to have a word about the subprime crisis.
The American poor, who are usually tactful enough to remain invisible to the multi-millionaire class, suddenly leaped onto the scene and started smashing the global financial system. Incredibly enough, this may be the first case in history in which the downtrodden manage to bring down an unfair economic system without going to the trouble of a revolution.
I wish I could report that the current attack on capitalism represents a deliberate strategy on the part of the poor, that there have been secret meetings in break rooms and parking lots around the country, where cell leaders issued instructions like, "Vinny–don’t make any mortgage payment this month. And Caroline, forget that back-to-school shopping, OK?" But all the evidence suggests that the current crisis is something the high-rollers brought down on themselves.
(Yawn) More:
Personally, I prefer my revolutions to be a little more proactive. There should be marches and rallies, banners and sit-ins, possibly a nice color theme like red or orange. Certainly, there should be a vision of what you intend to replace the bad old system with–European-style social democracy, Latin American-style socialism, or how about just American capitalism with some regulation thrown in?
Wow. What helpful suggestions: Euro socialism. Hugo Chavez-ism. FDR-ism. Take your pick.
The left may be stirring, but it remains intellectually bankrupt if these are the best alternatives to a “bad old system.”
But let’s be positive. When old gasbags like Ehrenreich get around to kicking the subprime crisis, the worst of the crisis has probably passed.
Has it? And what did you think of Ehrenreich’s rant?

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