Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Is Israel Being Set Up?

Q. Do you get the sense that Israel is being ‘set up’ to need to start a war next month with the Flotilla scheduled for May 14th, and all the constantly provoking rockets Gaza keeps sending? It seems like Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah etc are trying to force Israel to attack first, so they can have the excuse to fight back even harder, but not be the instigating ‘bad guys’ (even though we all know they are.) I just wonder if May will be the time that Isaiah 17 and / or Psalm 83 gets under way, and if you think that is likely.

I also wonder, and I realize we can’t know, if we will be here for it, or be summoned by Jesus before all the bloodshed starts. I pray daily, a few times a day actually, for ‘today’ to be the day He collects us. I can hardly wait to see Him in person, and never before now have I felt like it is so close. I very much appreciate your insight into this.

A. Yes I believe Israel is being set up. This will continue to be the case until they are officially back in their Old Covenant relationship with God. The Lord may even be using Israel’s enemies to accomplish this, since they don’t seem to be returning on their own. A number of qualified observers are talking about the likelihood of a spring war between Israel and its next door neighbors, so it’s not a far fetched idea.

We know the rapture could come any day now but so far no one has correctly predicted what that day will be so we’ll just have to wait and see.

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