Saturday, October 30, 2010

Could It Be Obama’s October Surprise?

We’ve been waiting for it and expecting it, knowing that it would happen.
Obama’s October surprise has landed (pun intended), or so it would seem.

How convenient!  Five days before the November 2nd election, Obama comes up with a so-called “credible” security alert and takes the opportunity to “brief” Americans (on TV of course, with the ubiquitous teleprompter) on how competent he is and how in-control the government is of this terrorist threat from Yemen.  F-15’s were reported to be shadowing an airplane that was coming in from Yemen, over Canadian airspace, before it landed at JFK.  As we all know, Yemen is the hotbed of Al Queda-sponsored terrorist activity, at the hands of an American citizen, Anwar al-Awlaki, who turned traitor, or so we are told.  Does anyone trust what government tells us these days? 
Anwar al- Awlaki

Anwar al-Awlaki was seen having dinner at the Pentagon, before he bolted America to take up residence in Yemen and direct some dastardly attacks on America. (i.e. the Christmas underwear bomber, the Fort Hood shooting and the Times Square Bomber)  Yeah, you bet.  Al-Awlaki must be a bad guy, no doubt.

Now it is possible that the October 29th threat was real and that Obama is doing what he is supposed to be doing as Commander-in-Chief and our intelligence agencies are johnny-on-the-spot with all the current international intrigue and terrorist plots.  We certainly hope so.  But damn the timing is suspect.

Having said all that, let’s take another tack on this potential October surprise.  Many in the world, at the highest level, (government elite, money changers and power brokers) want to see Obama and the Democrats remain in power in America, for a whole host of reasons. Could it be that this whole event was a staged terrorist attempt to challenge American security (with a little help from Great Britain), five days before the American election, knowing full well that we would discover the plot and Obama would be able to go on Television and look all presidential, thereby influencing the election?

Or, could it be that the top echelon in the Obama administration knew all this was happening weeks ago and scrambled our fighter jets on a Yemen passenger airplane this very day (by presidential order), in order to heighten the event to an international news story?  Clever, if it is so.

People in America have grown so cynical about their government, that these kinds of thoughts run through their heads on a daily basis. Secrecy has replaced transparency.  Closed door meetings have replaced open government.  A huge segment of the American people believe in the most outlandish conspiracy theories.  Hmmm!  We wonder why?

Legislation, that is contrary to every element of freedom and liberty under our Constitution, is shoved down America’s throat by this president and the Democrat-controlled Congress, with arrogance and malice aforethought. Trust, honor, integrity, honesty and morality have gone the way of the now extinct Do-do bird. In their place we find corruption, double dealing, waste, fraud and abuse of our money and our government institutions. Everything is for sale to the highest bidder, whether they are international interests, corporations, unions, or special interest groups.
Whether the October 29th threat is real, or is an attempt to influence the election, November 2, 2010 must be a repudiation of everything that Obama and the Democrats stand for. America has few chances of survival as a Republic before it descends into irretrievable socialism and national bankruptcy. November 2nd had better be a substantial start of taking back a country that has gone horribly wrong, under a regime and a party that talks all nice and fuzzy about American values, freedom and liberty and then turns around and spits in America’s eye with every stroke of their traitorous pens.

Long live our Constitutional Republic, under a proud flag of freedom.

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