Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dems Hide Communist Sponsorship of Saturday’s March on D.C.

Public deception was again front and center when a March on Washington took place Saturday, October 2, 2010. Spuriously billed as “A March For Unity-One Nation Working Together,” the event purported to be a march by Progressives (another name for Democrats but actually meaning Socialists) with the stated purpose, “To stand together demanding that Congress reject the Republican right-wing obstruction and put the creation of jobs and the plight of the jobless on the front burner.” I waited for over 24 hours before filing this story to see what media coverage there would be, and IF they told the truth about this demonstration in our Capitol. They didn’t.

NOT ONE NEWSPAPER OR NEWSCAST REPORTED that this march was sponsored by CPUSA, (The Communist Party of the United States.). Rabble Rouser Al Sharpton who calls himself, Reverend, was, of course, a speaker for the event. One sign seen at the rally stated, “Stop The Racist Hate—Muslims Are Welcome Here.” And it is true. The Communists and Muslims work together for a common cause, to destroy America with the help of their man in the Oval Office. Before continuing, here is the link to show you the sponsorship of CPUSA of Yesterday’s March on Capitol Hill: Click on link below:

Why we march and vote » cpusa

Source: cpusa.org

CPUSA is open about being Communist, following Marxist doctrine and working to turn the United States into a Socialist State. They are the core of the Democratic Party which is actually, The Communist Party. This will be seen clearly as you read their website (above link) and their on-line newspaper, PeoplesWorld.org They are also in partnership with Obama, who did not get into the Oval Office by votes. He was PLACED there by the Communists who had for decades been patiently planning for this time in history. Again, it was NOT the voters that put him in the White House. This was such a done deal that the Obama handlers secured Grants Park in Chicago for the “Election Victory Night Celebration” by depositing over a million dollars…and this was MONTHS BEFORE THE ELECTION EVEN TOOK PLACE.

Also supporting this Communist May Day-like show of power yesterday was the actor’s union, Screen Actor’s Guild, that sent out an email to its membership this past Thursday, September 30th urging all members to support the march by taking part in it.

As readers will remember, in the 1950’s Senator Joseph McCarthy opened hearings to weed out communists in the motion picture industry. Movies would become the greatest propaganda machine in existence and Marxist writer’s who got into the studios, and with subtlety, wrote scripts to dramatize on film, which slowly brought Communist ideals into favorable view. Many people condemned the McCarthy hearings calling them a ‘witch hunt.’ They had no idea.

The first Socialist organizational meeting in America was held in Indianapolis in 1900. By 1912, America had a viable Socialist Political Party where they offered as a presidential candidate, Eugene V. Debs. In the early 19th Century, John Dewey managed to work his way into and take over the Public Educational System in America, bringing into our school system, the Soviet Union model for socialist education which enamoured him during his visits to Russia. The card carrying Stalinist began dumbing down education, re-writing history and robbing students of their heritage. The Communist Manifesto Lays this all out, including multiculturalism. The idea was to see all people meld into one ethnicity. By taking away individualism, the Marxists could easier control the people. By the 1950s it was becoming visible enough that Senator McCarthy began his hearings. Communism was seen as such a threat to freedom that President Dwight D. Eisenhower pushed through a law making any affiliation with the Communist Party illegal.

The Democrats have been carefully chauffeuring America toward socialism for many years while America slept. Yesterday’s “Progressive” march will be followed on Friday Oct. 15th, by a gathering/march of Muslims who will gather at the National Mall to conduct a Jummah Prayer Rally. Over 100,000 Muslims are expected to descend on Capitol Hill even though Muslims in the name of Islam have declared war on America and have made no secret that they intend to kill everyone in America—except those who convert to Islam.

They attacked us here on our own soil and brutally killed three thousand innocent people on September 11, 2001. It was a cowardly sneak attack that was cheered by Muslims standing on a roof top in New Jersey as they watched the Twin Towers fall while 3000 people were dying horrible deaths and in terror at that moment. The Muslims have committed atrocities throughout the world without provocation. And Muslims will now be allowed to gather in our nation’s capitol, Washington, D.C. to show their strength? Our sworn enemies who vow to attack us again? Based on past actions, Obama will no doubt meet with the Muslim leaders of the march and welcome them into the White House itself, and as he has done in the past, bow down low to them.

The media refused to bring the truth about the sponsorship of the march yesterday. Even the online news service I respect the most, Worldnetdaily.com, missed it entirely. They let it slide. Instead of writing an exclusive story of their own spotlighting the CPUSA connection, they simply re-published the Reuter’s News item about the march, calling it a march of Progressives to counteract the Republicans, with absolutely no mention of the true sponsorship of that rally or its true intention.

Then again, when the Communists held a big convention in New York City a few months ago, the leader detailed each step that would be implemented to take over America. As he did, the attendees responded to each point with a boisterous, “Yes We Can!” in unison…..the exact saying Obama uses in his speeches. The media were totally silent on this convention and what they chanted. Not one MENTION of it. I was the only one to break that story which can be seen on my website, http://www.revaustinmiles.com/ We are being lied to and manipulated by the liberal media big time.

We must strongly stand against the totalitarian government the Dems are determined to create in America. Let us all straighten our backs, and stand up for our country WHILE WE CAN.. The clock is ticking

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