Monday, October 4, 2010

‘Comprehensive’ Immigration Con Artists

You've got to hand it to our cultural elitists. They are so suffused with a sense of their own superiority, they think they can sell something that almost three-quarters of the public stand firmly against. Thus, it should surprise no one that two of the "anointed few," New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg, and News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch, testified Thursday before the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration about the necessity of providing amnesty, as Murdoch put it, for "law-abiding, illegal immigrants." Law-abiding illegals? George Orwell would be proud.
Illegal Border Crossing

I'm just guessing, but I think Americans are beginning to catch on to the idea that status, wealth, pedigree--and intelligence--aren't an "all-inclusive" package. Only a self-involved twit could be oblivious to the blatant oxymoron that is "law-abiding illegal immigrant." And only those with a well-cultivated sense of amnesia could forget that the electorate made their overwhelming disgust with the idea of granting millions of border-busters anything resembling the so-called "pathway to citizenship" quite clear as little as three years ago.

What do most Americans understand that Murdoch, Bloomberg and their fellow travelers don't? We already have a pathway to citizenship. It's called legal immigration. That would be the very same pathway our cultural elitists consider a bridge too far, as they once again elevate shoulder-shrugging expediency, as in "they're already here, so we may as well accommodate them" over the rule of law, as in "do what millions of others have done, and enter the country legally."

And what do they use to bolster their case for wholesale acquiescence to widespread law-breaking? Statistics. "It is nonsense to talk of expelling 12 million people. Not only is it impractical, it is cost prohibitive," testified Murdoch, citing a study which put the price of mass-deportation at $57 billion-a-year over five years. "There are better ways to spend our money," he explained.

More and More Come

I couldn't agree more. Let's spend $57 billion-a-year strictly enforcing the provisions of the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, the last sucker's bet in which complete amnesty was followed up by half-hearted attempts to enforce that law's provisions for border control and taking businesses to task for hiring illegals. But don't take my word for it, just look at far more relevant "statistics:"

Amnesty in 1986? 2.7 million legalized. Amnesty in 2011? 12-20 million to be legalized--assuming our elitist duo of Murdoch and Bloomberg have accurate numbers.

What if they don't? What if the illegal population in America is far greater than the number which ostensibly represents the "conventional wisdom" of our cultural elitists and their media cheering section? Even more telling, how come none of these people ever address the sobering reality that the ongoing failure to enforce the '86 law has directly resulted in a nearly five-fold increase (using the low-end figure) in the number of illegals waiting to be granted amnesty?

Here's why they avoid such "inconvenient truths:" because they truly believe they can sell ordinary, "dim-witted" Americans an amnesty-by-any-other-name pig in a poke. And when they can't, is there a scintilla of doubt in your mind that the words "bigot," "nativist," "xenophobe," and "racist" will become an integral part of their dialogue?

As indicated in Murdoch's above testimony, "mass-deportation" is their principle canard. It paints exactly the kind of misleading picture the pro-amnesty types use to bolster their bankrupt ideology. It is nothing more than a guilt-inducing measure designed to conjure up colorful images akin to the Nazis rounding up Jews and shipping them off to the gas chambers--or as columnist George Will once put it, putting illegals in "200,000 buses in a caravan stretching bumper-to-bumper from San Diego to Alaska."
How'd He Get in Here

It is also utter nonsense. Once again: you don't deport whatever number of illegals en masse. You simply enforce laws already on the books which make it economically unfeasible for them to remain in the country, and they deport themselves. That such a method completely destroys elitist attempts to make Americans feel like heartless jackboots is why it rarely comes up elitist discussions.

Canard number two is the familiar "illegals do the work Americans won't do." You don't hear this one much lately. Perhaps it's because telling Americans that some jobs are beneath their dignity while the unemployment rate hovers near ten percent isn't likely to win the Open Borders Crowd many converts.

Yet there is an element of truth in the fact that many Americans do consider some jobs unworthy. Which Americans? I'm guessing it isn't blue collar Americans, or middle class Americans struggling to make ends meet. I'm pretty sure it isn't black Americans whose unemployment rates are higher than the national average, and who are often in direct competition with illegals for the same jobs. It probably isn't the dwindling number of Americans raised to believe any job is honorable, the ones who still teach their children that hard work builds character.

I'd bet the farm there are two groups of Americans who disdain the kind of labor-intensive jobs illegals most often procure: group number one is the American Moocher class, which believes the government owes them a living, a hand-out or a program. The folks who have mortgaged their dignity for their sense of entitlement. The ones who think working "is for suckers."

Group number two? The very same elitist Americans hectoring for comprehensive immigration reform. The ones whose own kids would never sully themselves by "getting their hands dirty," or working at a "Mac-job." The folks who tell their kids such work is for the "little people," not the sons and daughters of the Silver Spoon Society. The folks who consider it their destiny to tell Americans how to behave "for our own good." The ones who can't understand why Americans would be against "fixing our broken immigration system"--which is broken precisely because these same elitists took a pass on enforcing two of the three provisions contained in the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986.

And now they want to "double down?" Sorry, no sale. No sale to Republican elitists scared to death of losing the Hispanic vote and a source of cheap labor--and no sale to Democrat elitists looking to secure permanent power, not by winning hearts and minds to their ideas, but by legalizing a voting bloc all at once in order to blunt their self-induced alienation of an ever-growing portion of the American electorate.

And above all else, no sale when every thinking American can see the game being played by our ruling class which can seal the border any time it wants to, but holds the country hostage to immigration reform as a condition for doing so.

No sale.

Hopefully November will resemble the beginning of a purge. Hopefully we will see a repudiation of the elitist mindset and its cancerous disrespect for the rule of law, for the desires of ordinary Americans and for the well-being of the country. Those who wish to obfuscate the difference between the line-waiters and the border-crashers, who shamelessly peddle a phrase such as "law-abiding illegal immigrants" need to be sent packing from the corridors of power.

Memo to Mayor Mike Bloomberg, the New York Nanny who wiggled around term limits twice-approved by NY voters so he could serve a third time: clean up your own house. New York City and New York State are cesspools of corruption teetering on the edge of bankruptcy, and the last thing Americans need is a lecture from a guy whose chief claim to fame is banning trans-fat cooking oil in the five boroughs.

Memo to Rupert Murdoch: preach what you practiced. If becoming a U.S. citizen legally was good enough for a "big shot" like you, it ought to be good enough for everyone else. You might also consider that lecturing the same country which welcomed you in is unseemly.

Memo to my fellow Americans: never forget that neither of these men, despite their inflated sense of self-importance, speak for the majority of Americans who refused to be cowed by their "betters." That would be the same majority of Americans who welcome legal immigrants with open arms--even as they thumb their noses at elitist con men and their enablers.

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