Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Endorsement Of Chaos

The Marx Brothers, Yesterday Through Today

President Obama tacitly endorsed the violent protests of the Anti Wall Street movement.

"I think people are frustrated and the protesters are giving voice to a more broad-based suspicion about how our financial system works," Obama told reporters in a televised speech.

Obama used the anger and violence of the protests to gain political cover for the devastating effects of the Dodd-Frank regulations on financial institutions.  Dodd-Frank has been criticized by many banks and financial institutions as being anti-growth and too restrictive. 

The recent increase of ATM fees by Bank of America was used as an example used by the President, saying, “For us to have a healthy financial system, that requires that banks and other financial institution systems compete on the basis of the best service and the best products and the best price… and it can't be competing on the basis of hidden fees, deceptive practices or derivative cocktails that nobody understands and that expose the entire economy to enormous risks. That's what Dodd-Frank was designed to do," Obama said to a somewhat incredulous audience.

Many members of the press grimaced when Mr. Obama suggested that he would use the Dodd-Frank legislation as a base for his upcoming re-election campaign, essentially implying that he would try to politicize the ancient anti-Wall Street populist movement.

The president did add that banks can charge what they like as long as there is accountability and transparency, and that he felt it was appropriate for the government to play an oversight role.
An American Nazi Party Supporter At Wall Street Occupation

It’s not quite the ringing endorsement they were hoping for but Occupy Wall Street protesters on Monday receive the support of the American Nazi Party, more commonly referred to as the ANP.
Also known as the National Socialist Party the group released the following statement on their website:
Occupy Wall Street is taylor made  for National Socialists, while they urge their members to “Produce some flyers explaining the ‘Jew banker’ influence—don't wear anything marking you as an ‘evil racist’—and get out there and spread the word!

The ANP isn’t the first communist movement to back Occupy Wall Street, the Communist Party USA has also backed protesters and during a board member speech on Saturday in Chicago they told the crowd:

“I bring greetings and solidarity from the Communist Party. We are here, marching side-by-side. We’ll sleep here. We’ll be with this movement ’til the very—’til we make all the changes that we know we have to make.”
While many protesters don’t agree with the parties overall message they did meet the show of support with hoots and applause.
I don’t believe in the overall messages that are routinely being delivered by the ANP or the Communist Party USA, because anarchy of the highest level is it's end game designed  to distabolize America.

Obama has vowed he will push communist financial reform’s through before he leaves office. Draconian legislation like Dodd-Frank and the ridiculous Volker Rule are key to the communist agenda set by the current administration.
ing towards a 2012 election without hope of victory due to his inability to create jobs or spark a significant recovery even after spending a record amount during his time in office.
Obama launched an onslaught against banks and Republicans for working to block financial reform and return America to prosperity, Obama, now one of the least popular Presidents in history, is yet again using a populist tone to cash in on public anger over Wall Street practices.

Obama already has a reputation for his anti-business stance starting with his harsh rhetoric about corporate compensation at the beginning of his term.
The US Communist party said of the 2008 election of Obama: Obama’s 2008 victory was more than a progressive move; it was a dialectical leap ushering in a qualitatively new era of struggle. Marx once compared revolutionary struggle with the work of the mole, who sometimes burrows so far beneath the ground that he leaves no trace of his movement on the surface. This is the old revolutionary ‘mole,’ not only showing his traces on the surface but also breaking through.
The old pattern of politics as usual has been broken. It may not have happened as we expected but what matters is that it happened. The message is clear: We can and must defeat the ultra-right, by uniting the broadest possible coalition that will represent an overwhelming majority of the people in a new political dynamic.
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